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This First Week of The New Year

As humans we can torture ourselves with our never ending list of desires, wants and preferences.  We all have a list of “I’ll be happy when…”. And that joy robbing list of “Someday…”.

As mom entrepreneurs these lists can torture us because growing children and growing a business takes time. We can’t move as fast as our male counterparts with their diligent wives holding down the homefront.  We don’t have a lot of time to sit around on the computer and learn the hundreds of social media websites like the young, up & coming entrepreneurs. So our business doesn’t grow as quickly. Your business list of “desires and wants” will paralyze you if you’re not conscious.

When we’re not conscious we will always be waiting for “someday” to arrive.  When it does shows up, there’s always be another need, want, desire, preference that just magically appears. So you will continue to feel like, “I’ll be happy when…”

Decide that you will be happy with your situation, business, children, house, husband, furniture, bank account, whatever, for this first week of the new year.

One week of not wanting more.

One week of not putting off “until”.

One week of accepting what you have as good enough.

One week of not letting your desires keep you unhappy.

One week of counting your blessings.

One week of saying “THANK YOU” for EVERYTHING.

Feel free to express your “thank you for everything” thoughts in the comment box below. It will serve to inspire others!

Three Things To Do Before 2011

If you find that your excitement for your business is diluted and you’re not looking forward to the new year, 2011, keep the faith. There are some things that you can do to turn things around and rebuild your excitement.

We all know that your success is not based  solely on techniques, skills, talents or resources.  A good portion of it is determined by your thoughts and attitude. Both are intrinsically tied one to the other. Manage one and the other will fall into place.

So to get your thoughts aligned with success and to take control of a negative or fearful attitude here are a few things to do before 2011.

1. Stop following every freaking guru who claims to be a guru! There’s a teaching going around that says, “proclaim yourself as a guru and you are one.”


If I proclaim myself to be a man am I one? Even if I have my breasts removed and shot myself up with testosterone, I’m NOT a man.

If I proclaim myself to be a doctor am I one?! Even if I read medical books and went to school for a couple of semesters, I am NOT a doctor.

We’ve taken the word “guru”- which was applied to a holy teacher  who had years of study and wisdom and dispelled spiritual darkness on his followers- watered it down  and stuck it on a person who figured something out and wants you to pay for his knowledge!

One is not a guru because they’ve proclaimed it.

One is not a guru because one paid a bunch of money to learn something.

One is not a guru because one has a website.

That person may be very knowledgeable. That person may be well-learned.  But that doesn’t necessarily make him a guru.

For 2011 unfollow all but 2 people. This will save you a lot of time (less emails to read) and money (less stuff to buy) and more hard drive space!

2. Make changes Don’t get lost in what you did or didn’t do. Determine what you need to change.  It may be your business model, your eating habits or your family set-up. You may feel like you’ve invested enough in your business and haven’t recouped your investment. Change the way you invest. For instance stop buying more stuff to help with your business and invest in something that will help you (yes this is a plug for business coaching. It’s the only thing that I know that is guaranteed to move you to the next level). Be willing to make whatever changes and do it quickly.

3. Say Thank You There’s so much that went right this year. There’s so much that you’ve learned. There’s so much that could have gone wrong. Allow your mind and heart to be filled with gratitude as you paused 2-3 times a day for the remainder of the year to say “Thank You”.

You can start saying with “thank you” now. Leave a comment telling us all what you are thankful about this year.