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Happy New Year Mompreneurs!

From Lady T

At the end of every year I come forth with a list of activities and goals to make happen for the upcoming new year. I am always amazed when I look back at my list; 90-95% of the goals on my list are accomplished. This year was no different. I thank God.

However, for the first time in 25(?)-27(?) years, I have no list! I have some things that I started in 2010 that will come into fruition this year. I have some things that I will make happen because it’s a natural progression of my business. I have some goals that I will write out because I don’t want to forget the direction that I’m moving.

But my mindset is different. I’m in a frame of mind that knows some major things are about to happen but all I can do is watch and expect.  I’ll be a do-er…because that’s who I am.  But this year in particular I will be an observer.  A grateful, law of attraction, expecting, observer.

It’s so exciting. It’s so scary.

As you plan and organize for the New Year check in with your Spirit and adjust your actions accordingly. Don’t “do” because you have always “done”.  The Almighty Spirit speaks directly to your spirit and It knows the steps you are suppose to take. Move according to that; not according to your past, your mind or the actions of others.


Thank You

Today is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day to reflect and thank God (or whoever you deem worthy of thanks) for the things you are grateful for.

This day always presents a challenge for me because my every day starts and ends with words of gratitude. When I open my eyes in the morning I go through a list of things that I’m grateful for. When I close my eyes at night I go through a list of things that I’m grateful for. Throughout the day as I interact with people and my environment I’m ALWAYS amazed at how things work out; how situations and opportunities show up and how disappointments change over for the good.

So when it’s time to sit around the dinner table and come up with something to be grateful for I tend to go blank.  It’s like asking the singer to sing a beautiful song. They may sing 52 songs a day but when you ask them to DO it their first question is, “what do you want me to sing?” LOL!

Nevertheless, on this day I’m grateful for a husband who went grocery shopping AND cooked the meal, including the dessert!

I’m grateful to be surrounded by healthy, happy children!

I’m grateful for the girlfriends that will go Salsa dancing with me later this evening!

I’m also grateful for you; those who have chosen to invest in their business by hiring me as their business coach. I thank you for your trust, your comments and your curiosity that sends you back to my blog. Thank you for supporting me as I grow my business by helping you grow yours!

God Bless!!

Healthy Eating During The Holidays

And of course our healthy eating goes right out the window with the munching, snacking, get togethers and holiday parties…I’m gaining weight as I type!