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Overcoming Divorce and Depression

I just finished talking with Carol Bremner of Supergramma.com and what an interesting life. Carol is now over 60Carol Bremner and has been married for 31 years to the same guy.  So you wouldn’t have guessed that she use to hang out with gangs, was an alcoholic and was on Prozac for 10 yrs!

Her 6 children have survived her antics and are successful and her at home business is doing very well also!  Thank God for God because without His grace she would have ended up a statistic like so many others. Instead she’s a like and  beacon to older bloggers and internet marketers.  Click here to isten in  interview, it is inspiring.

BTW, Carol’s 81 year old mother has been her role model and is a blogger and internet marketer too! Here’s her website Granny blogger.

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Adjusting and Adapting

Ingrid & Teisha at Niche Affiliate Marketing System

Ingrid Owens & Lady T

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I just interviewed Ingrid Owens of Beginners Photography Blog, and what an inspiration!

She left her family in Ireland, walked away from an established family business that she was running and moved here to marry the love of her life. It was challenging:  learning to drive on the other side of the road, grocery shopping and not recognizing any of the brands on the shelf and trying to survive in the high-stress, American corporate world.  But she cried and worked her way through and has since established a successful photography business in Georgia!

Listen in as she talks about how you can adjust and adapt to the many changes in your life and come out on top!


The Power of The Menstruation Cycle

She gave tips on how you should nurture yourself. Why you should pay attention to your dreams during your period; the physiological affects of your negative perceptions surrounding your monthly cycle and so much more. You have to hear this interview!

How To Overcome the Overwhelm


I just interviewed Momprenuer, Certified Divorce Financial Analysist, Lisa Decker (also known as Miss Money Matters); and OMGoodness what an inspiration!

For years she quietly worked for her husband’s business as she raised her 3 daughters. In one week she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, MS, Wrinkled Retina Disorder and a few other illnesses!  In that same year she discovered her gifts  and within a couple of years became a nationally recognized resource consultant to CNN, Business Week, Good Morning and Oprah Magazine!

Listen to her inspiring story as she gives some practical tips about How to Overcome The Overwhelming.