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My Feng Shui Home Office COMPLETED!!

AWWWW! A sigh of relief! I started this feng shui project back in April of 2010. If you go back you can read and see pics of my home office through out the process.
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Well the last week of December 2010 I decided enough was enough. I wanted my home office completed. I still had 3 more walls to peel 4 layers of wall paper off of; however someone told my son about their mother renting a steamer from Home Depot.
Why didn’t the Home Depot people mention that to me when I was going in to by BOTTLES of non-effective, cough-inducing chemical spray?

So I went off and rented 1 for $50 a day. 2 girlfriends came all the way from GA and we stood around and steamed and talked and talked and steamed for 2 days and (almost) 2 nights straight! I have no pics of that because we looked like women who had been steaming walls for 2 days and 2 nights! I would step away and fix breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and to do a couple of radio interviews; but other than that I sat in the room with them and keep them throughly entertained with delightful conversation.

When they left it was on me to plaster the wall from top to bottom. I’ve never done this before and didn’t even know that it was an activity let alone an art, but I tried my hand and did quite well. No pics. I was working too hard.

Then I had to prime the walls.

Then I painted.
During this week long process I continued to school the children, coached clients, do teleseminars, facilitate my women’s power networking meeting, cook the meals and “take care” of the husband. WHEW!
Here are the pictures of my feng shui home office.

I saw these $50 curtains in Target but made them myself w/material from Walmart $14













Moving to the left:

I put the bookcase together w/my own wittle hands














Moving left:










moving left:











Behind the door are my books, Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, ready for me to autograph & send to you. Above is a map of the world as I intend to travel the globe speaking to mom entrepreneurs.

my books ready for sell












Above the door is a plaque that reads:

The earth is full of His glory. Isisah 6:3. What a reminder!

The water fountain sits to the left of the rocking chair. The chair is fitted with my custom designed covering that matches the curtains that I made. This is where I sit in the mornings to read my Bible and meditate.

I decided to keep the chandelair instead of replacing it with a ceiling fan. I think the brass and crystal adds a touch of class!

To the left of the books and directly in front of the window.













I just realized that the wall where my desk sits is missing. Well it’s too messy to snap picks now…maybe I’ll insert it later.

At night when my baby girl gets sleepy I sit and hold her while typing at the computer. But some nights she will allow me to make her a pallet, and lay on the exercise mate under the treadmill. With the lights low, a candle burning and her soft breathing sounds in the background it makes me feel sooo grateful to be able to work from home.

The best part about creating my home office

My Feng Shui Home Office Problem

I’m re-doing my home office using feng shui principles; this is part 4.  Click here for part 1, part 2 and part 3.

I was sure that I would be done by now but the previous home owners, evidently, loved wallpaper. The lower half of the room is paneling (as you can see from the before pics) but the top half of the room has been wallpapered 4 different times!! We have been peeling, scraping, and chipping away at 4 layers of wallpaper for days and days and days!

Well actually….we have been thinking about, and agonizing over the fact that we’re going to have to peel, scrap and chip at 4 layers of wallpaper. It’s sooooo much work. I was soooo ready to paint, hang my pictures and replace my furniture and light fixture, but now I have to peel and scrap and chip at 4 layers of super adhesive wallpaper.

I’ve googled. I’ve talked to a specialist. I’ve been advised by my friend who rehabs houses.  They all say that it’s a lot of work.

Stay tuned for my fung shui home office case study. It should be done before the year is out!

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Testing Out Feng Shui

I implemented some of the principles of feng sui in my home. However, overtime I’ve allowed life to take me over. Here do a case study of Feng Shui to help you (and me) to better understand it.