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Attracting The Life You Want

Julia Stege Intuitive Branding Artist, Strategic Attraction Coach

Julia Stege Intuitive Branding Artist, Strategic Attraction Coach

Today I interviewed Julia Stege of GraphicGirlz.com and boy did she teach us a thing or two! She is turning  marketing upside down and helping entrepreneurs to live the life they want by living The Law Of Attraction in their businesses.

I know, I know we’ve heard how to apply the Law of Attraction before; but nooooo…you have to hear how she works with you on marketing your business  according to the Law of Attraction.

In order to attract our perfect customer we need to ask ourselves 4 questions. I’ll summarize them here but you MUST go to her website and download the toolkit, it’s free!

  • 1. What are the qualities, characteristics and attributes of my perfect customer?
  • 2. What makes me and my perfect customer tick?
  • 3. What do I want my perfect customer to expect?
  • 4. Who do I have to be to attract what I say I want?

Listen to our Blog Talk interview and get her questions and instructions at MagicalMarketingToolkit.com!

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FAQ Regarding Starting A Home Base Business

Those who aren’t serious about starting a business from home will seriously ask me questions like: I don’t have a lot of time or money, how can I quickly make a lot money working from home, become famous and have residual income for years to come while I’m vacationing with my family on the beach for six months of the year and still have enough money to retire by the age of 40?