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What’s The Difference Between an Accountability Partner and a Coach?

Accountability partners can be absolutely powerful! And coaches can help you shift to a whole new level! But what’s the difference between an accountability partner and a coach? And how do you know when it’s time to use one or the other?

Sara Carter is a certified coach who helps people get out of debt and grow financially. Yet she helped me get down from a size 16 to a size 10 in less then a year’s time. She’s not a weigh loss guru or a personal trainer. Far from it! She needed to lose weight herself!

Here she and I talk about the difference between an accountability partner and a coach and how to choose one at the right time in your life when you need to move forward.

Don’t Start A Blog!

Don't Start a Blog!

I know many will tell you to go online and start a blog. I tell my clients “don’t start a blog!”, not without a plan!

Today my blog is a perfect example of why you should not start one. My last post was in MARCH!!  I didn’t even blog on Mother’s Day and I’m the freckin’ business coach for MOMS! I put the “mom” in entrepreneur!

What am I doing?!

I’m working…hard! I am refocusing my business on doing television interviews and more speaking.  This means a shift in my marketing, creating a new website, more research and honing many new skills; all while homeschooling, chauffeuring, traveling and coaching my current clients (I’ve slowed down my intake of new clients CONSIDERABLY!). This is a major challenge because my wonderful assistant just graduated, has a new job, is in love and is talking marriage!

If you are just starting a business (and in a sense that’s what I’m doing AGAIN) you shouldn’t start a blog unless you have some order and direction about your business. You must have a plan for your blog AND social media or else it will fall by the wayside and/or you’ll end up communicating banal facts about your everyday life. As much as I believe that my readers are interested in me, do you really want to read about how I’ve just spent 3 weeks pulling carpet, sanding and varnishing the 3 bedrooms? Do you want to read about my 4hrs spent on the phone tracking down business? Or my drive to Virgina to speak to a group?

Now that I type those words I can see that those subjects would make encouraging blog posts….but when I’m in the midst of such activities and still have 43 OTHER things to do, it doesn’t feeeel interesting enough to blog about.

Which brings me back to my point; DON’T START A BLOG unless you know what you want to offer your potential readers and you have a plan to take them there consistently for several months.

Granted, I have been blogging for 3 years now (here’s my first blog post from 1/25/2009).  I am very well-established on the internet with hundreds of backlinks and hundreds of readers everyday. So if I let it fall by the way-side for a couple of months it’s not  as detrimental as someone who has only been online for 6months. There’s still a price that I have to pay though.

So I say to you; DON’T START A BLOG, without a long-term plan, some order in your business (even if it’s just on paper) and some direction on where you want to take your readers.


If you’ve already have fallen by the wayside with your blog or you are planning to get one started I would love to help you. Click here to see how I can help you create your blog with coaching!




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The Secret To Growing Your Business

The secret to growing your business is putting it on a regular schedule.

No doubt you’ve heard the axiom, “a business is like a baby.”  If you’ve had the experience with both you know that this axiom is true.  Just like your baby, your business is constantly on your mind.  A baby grows stronger and healthier because of a regular schedule. Eat, sleep, poop are the rhythms of life that helps baby to flourish.

Well, your business may not eat, sleep and poop but it also requires a regular schedule-a rhythm to help it to flourish- as well.  Some critical elements of a regular schedule consists of:

  • Quiet time to process thoughts
  • Time for writing
  • Time for creating
  • Time for learning
  • Time for planning
  • Time for processing paperwork
  • Regular business coaching
  • A weekly mastermind

A business schedule helps you to remain calm about the ups and downs.  Just like with baby, no matter how erratic your life may be, you make sure that you do not interrupt baby’s schedule.  Why, because you know that he needs a regular schedule to grow healthy.

The most important rhythm in my business schedule is my regular business coaching call and my mastermind group call. My business coaching call for my business is like a regularly scheduled doctor’s visit for baby. It helps me to stay focused on my goals. If you have a business coach, you know that once a week there will be someone to talk to who cares about your success and her only agenda is to see you succeed.  When you have ideas and decisions circulating in your head but can’t come to a conclusion, a business coaching call will help you to prioritize and determine the best ones for you.

My mastermind group is with Lynn Terry’s Self Starters Elite Group. She is awesome and her group forum is exceptional! Many of them I have met at conferences but even without meeting them they are generous with their knowledge and willingness to help. There’s no way I would have continued navigating through the confusion of internet marketing without them. Having an entire GROUP of people to support you is critical and should be scheduled into your business.

Many moms run their business like a hobby; they do what they can do when they can do it. Do not be named among them!  Give your business the time and attention that it deserves by putting it on a regular schedule so that it can grow up to be a big, strong man business.

If you’re looking for a business coach to help you get focused, set realistic, non-limiting goals and carry you off to your success then contact me and we’ll get your business scheduled.

Separating Yourself From The Pack

What Makes You Different From All the Others?

What Makes You Different From All the Others?

I was once asked what’s the difference between ‘a business coach’ and ‘a business coach for moms’? What makes you different? What separates you from the ‘so many others’ in the your field?”

Glad you asked!

1. I realize that many Mompreneurs have to be handled with cotton gloves. As much as we love business, feel “called” to the business or need to make money with the business, if it occupies too much time away from the children or too much money from the family budget we start backpedaling with Mommy-Guilt. So I encourage, guide, push and motivate as if I’m coxing a powerful and beautiful lioness out of her cage and into the jungle. She can handle the jungle, but often times she doesn’t know it yet. I don’t want her to turn back to the safety and confines of the cage.

2. I email my Mommy clients an outline of our discussions, including the list of goals with the agreed upon dates of completion. This is to help the lioness stay focused. There are many distractions calling her; the cubs back in the cage and many other business ideas in the jungle. My follow-up email is printed and she hang it in her home office to be her visual anchor.

3. I also set my coaching hours to accommodate Mommy business hours. Most Mompreneurs can’t get to the phone during the 9-5 hours. The zoo is too busy. We come out of our cage to explore the JungleBusiness after hours. I talk with many of my clients either early in the a.m. or very late at night. This works well for me too because I also live in a zoo.

I talk with my personal business coach at 3pm twice a month. She is wonderful but not a mom-God bless her childless soul-so I drive down the street and sit in a church parking lot just to have a focused, uninterrupted conversation. How many coaches will schedule 11:00pm as your weekly appointment? Only another professional Mompreneur.

4. I request/demand that my clients come to the meeting as a Business Woman not a Business Mommy. In other words she cannot talk to me while fixing lunch, or doing laundry. The only thing that I will tolerate is breastfeeding her infant. This is to remind her to honor her business. Most mompreneurs are not always able to give her business full attention and many aren’t taken seriously. During our sessions she has someone on the phone who honors her business and honors her as a business woman. This gives her the permission to do the same. In order to hunt successfully in the jungle she has to see herself as the true lioness that she is; this lioness is proud to hold up the mirror.

For the sake of time I won’t go into all of my other “greatness”. If you’re interested in being coached/mentored by a professional who loves building and supporting moms in their home base business, contact me.

What makes you great? What separates you from the “so many others” in your field?

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