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Raising Boys

We use to hear about “pretty women and hard working men”; now we see pretty men and hard-working women. I don’t want that in my family. I raise my sons as if they were going to be married tomorrow, because one day they will be and I don’t want their wives calling me up crying about how tired she is and how he won’t help out around the house.

Quotes About Mothers

It’s tough being a mother. I love it but it’s tough. Some days I’m like the whiny kid:

  • Dang I NEVER get to do what I want!
  • Dang, I NEVER get to have my goodies all to myself!
  • Dang, I NEVER get to sleep straight through the night!
  • Dang I NEVER get to go anywhere…by myself!

Today was one of those days. LOL!

But I ran across this beautiful video, that has wonderful quotes about mothers and motherhood and my heart overflowed with gratitude…because God made me a mother!

My favorite mother quote is from Oliver Wendall Holmes:

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men, from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls into their bosom.


quotes about motherhood


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