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Don’t Start A Blog!

Don't Start a Blog!

I know many will tell you to go online and start a blog. I tell my clients “don’t start a blog!”, not without a plan!

Today my blog is a perfect example of why you should not start one. My last post was in MARCH!!  I didn’t even blog on Mother’s Day and I’m the freckin’ business coach for MOMS! I put the “mom” in entrepreneur!

What am I doing?!

I’m working…hard! I am refocusing my business on doing television interviews and more speaking.  This means a shift in my marketing, creating a new website, more research and honing many new skills; all while homeschooling, chauffeuring, traveling and coaching my current clients (I’ve slowed down my intake of new clients CONSIDERABLY!). This is a major challenge because my wonderful assistant just graduated, has a new job, is in love and is talking marriage!

If you are just starting a business (and in a sense that’s what I’m doing AGAIN) you shouldn’t start a blog unless you have some order and direction about your business. You must have a plan for your blog AND social media or else it will fall by the wayside and/or you’ll end up communicating banal facts about your everyday life. As much as I believe that my readers are interested in me, do you really want to read about how I’ve just spent 3 weeks pulling carpet, sanding and varnishing the 3 bedrooms? Do you want to read about my 4hrs spent on the phone tracking down business? Or my drive to Virgina to speak to a group?

Now that I type those words I can see that those subjects would make encouraging blog posts….but when I’m in the midst of such activities and still have 43 OTHER things to do, it doesn’t feeeel interesting enough to blog about.

Which brings me back to my point; DON’T START A BLOG unless you know what you want to offer your potential readers and you have a plan to take them there consistently for several months.

Granted, I have been blogging for 3 years now (here’s my first blog post from 1/25/2009).  I am very well-established on the internet with hundreds of backlinks and hundreds of readers everyday. So if I let it fall by the way-side for a couple of months it’s not  as detrimental as someone who has only been online for 6months. There’s still a price that I have to pay though.

So I say to you; DON’T START A BLOG, without a long-term plan, some order in your business (even if it’s just on paper) and some direction on where you want to take your readers.


If you’ve already have fallen by the wayside with your blog or you are planning to get one started I would love to help you. Click here to see how I can help you create your blog with coaching!




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How To Build Your Wealth Before You Start Your Business

Today I spoke with author, Gwen Green of Source of Wealth Club, she found herself in a bad situation:  a single parent with 2 small children and poor child-care opportunities. She had to figure out how to make money fast! God spoke to her and showed her the way! Now she helps others get out of debt by using real estate.

Our conversation centered around how to help you build your wealth before you start your business. It’s a challenge because while still working your job you must use your money to:


  • continue living
  • pay off debts
  • invest in your business
  • save for the future

We talked about all of that and more! One of her suggestions was Progressive Self-Investment. Simple and Powerful!

Click in and listen it’s only 29min

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