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Set Up For A Comeback

Olalah NjengaI just spent 50 minutes interviewing a dynamic woman! Many people look at others and admire or envy their success without ever trying to understand their past.

This is the reason that I do my Blogtalk Show every week!  For Powerful Women Only likes to look at the background-hidden-in-the-forgotten-past-story behind today’s successful woman. It’s the background story that offers inspiration for the mompreneur who’s struggling today.

Olalah Njenga is the CEO and senior marketing strategist at YellowWood Group where she helps growing and mid-size companies align marketing strategies with sales goals. She the author of, 37 What Were They Thinking Moments In Marketing as well as an awarding winning entrepreneur.  But just 16yrs ago she was 8 months pregnant standing in a court room divorcing her abusive husband!  She tells us more jaw-dropping stories about her life but leaves us with 5 tips to help us make a comeback from life’s traumas and dramas.

This is an interview that you must hear! Click here to listen.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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