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Send Cards Before the Holiday Begins

You know it’s coming, the busy holiday season. The stressful, hustle and bustle holiday season is coming! To eliminate some of the stress you should deal with your business clients now! Get their cards in the mail before Thanksgiving.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the cards need to have special embossing  and look expensive. If you’re not in that position right now, if you didn’t order them early enough or can’t afford them don’t sweat it. Buy some pretty packaged cards and write a few words of gratitude.

Or better yet, order postcards with your logo and communicate to your client, in your own handwriting how thankful you are. VistaPrint is an online printing company that can get postcards printed for you and to your house in less than a week’s time. You can upload your own image or use their stock images. Their website is easy to navigate and they don’t require a lot of information. Right now you can get 50% Off Postcards.

They are amazing and often only charge for shipping!! I don’t know how they stay in business. Their work is top quality (except for the ink pens. I ordered some and within 6 months the image was rubbed off.) quick, and VERY inexpensive!

Once, I went to Kinkos and ordered 100 business cards and they were over $30 and flimsy.

I ordered from VistaPrint and paid less than $25 for 250 heavy card stock business cards! Check this out 80% OFF Premium Business Cards & FREE Return Address Labels

Now I must warn you, they will send you an email EVERYDAY! However, because they have Free Deals of the Week it only becomes a reminder that you need to keep marketing in mind.

Sending cards to your clients during the holiday season should be part of your marketing plan. So click on the link and send cards to your clients before the busy holiday season starts.

Fall Clearance at Vistaprint! Save up to 90%!

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