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People Need What You Know

Today Carol Bremner of Motivated To Learn is guest posting today and gives mompreneurs a great tip based on something she learned.  Thanks Carol!

I attend workshops in my area whenever I can and try to gather as many tips as possible. One tip I heard recently was to create an acronym based on your business. Then when you tell people what you do, use the acronym.

I thought about my Internet Training business and came up with the following:

I – Intimidating
N – Necessary
T – Timewasting
E – Everything
R – Research
N – Numbing
E – Eventful
T- Totally Cool

Try this exercise and see what you come up with and let me know.

Carol Bremner is a computer loving member of the gray generation. Her websites,
 Creative Home and Motivated to promote computer literacy for the non-techie. 
Feel free to post your acronym below!

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T


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