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Pause, Slow Down, Stop

Confused, can't see, but going forward anyway. NOT GOOD.

Confused, can’t see, but going forward anyway. NOT GOOD.

Choosing to STOP and BE STILL is difficult in our society of DO, GO, RUN, HURRY, NOW. We are all about  TAKE ACTION NOW. DO IT NOW, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?!

But when you are confused or feel lost it serves you best to stop, gather your wits, get your bearing before you move farther in the pursuit of your goals.

When pursuing your goals there’s going to be a time of confusion. Maybe you will find yourself facing a grand opportunity that doesn’t quite fit in the plan. Or perhaps after observing others having success with a new technology you feel obliged to do the same and start questioning your activities: Should i have an app too? Should I be on Periscope? Instead of running forward, STOP and BE STILL.

Right now I’m experiencing the confusion of Confusion; questioning myself and wondering have I really heard from God or am I just moving on my own recognizance. My ultimate goal in life is to be used of God. This becomes a problem when my ego start playing with me about HOW I’m pleasing God (I should be preaching, laying hands, speaking in tongues) This Confusion-that happens waaaay too often- causes me to lose confidence and time as I stop again to regroup and rewrite my plan.

Tstophis time around I’ve STOP moving forward and spent time meditating on GOD instead of meditating on my PLAN. I’m also now seeing the pattern-my confusion is usually a sign of a spiritual shift but I unwittingly have used it to question my abilities and get a new plan.

Get comfortable PAUSING, STOPPING, BEING STILL when you become confused. Don’t let the pressure of the world make you feel compelled to keep going. It doesn’t serve you.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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