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Niche Affilate Marketing System 2 (NAMS) with David Perdew

I went to the Niche Affilate Marketing System conference 2 weeks ago and I learned sooo much. And I met sooo many great entreprenuers. One of the many changes that’s taking place in my business is this blog post before you. I’ve put my website and my blog in one place. I was with EXCELLENT and EASY blogging platform-to come to WordPress. Everyone says this is better and will help with the things that I desire to do in the future. We shall see.

The other thing that I learned is that I can’t continue to do everything by myself. I must outsource some of the internet responsibilities. Coaching mom entrepreuners to be successful in their businesses is my passion and area of expertise. I need to focus on serving mom-prenuers. Learning how to set up my website, learning photoshop, html, SEO, graphic design, etc. is too time consuming. Fortunately, I enjoy learning and researching so I don’t get frustrated too quickly. Also, because so many of my clients don’t know anything about internet marketing I don’t feel that my learning is in vain.

However, it’s now time to move to the next level! So my internet researching time is over and I must be about the busy of servicing and encouraging others to build a leagacy for their children! This means more speaking engagments, more article writing, the start of my Blog Talk Radio program, and more free products to help mom entreprenuers be successful! I love my life! I love my future!
To Our Mutual Success,
Lady T

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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