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My Feng Shui Home Office Problem

I’m re-doing my home office using feng shui principles; this is part 4.  Click here for part 1, part 2 and part 3.

I was sure that I would be done by now but the previous home owners, evidently, loved wallpaper. The lower half of the room is paneling (as you can see from the before pics) but the top half of the room has been wallpapered 4 different times!! We have been peeling, scraping, and chipping away at 4 layers of wallpaper for days and days and days!

Well actually….we have been thinking about, and agonizing over the fact that we’re going to have to peel, scrap and chip at 4 layers of wallpaper. It’s sooooo much work. I was soooo ready to paint, hang my pictures and replace my furniture and light fixture, but now I have to peel and scrap and chip at 4 layers of super adhesive wallpaper.

I’ve googled. I’ve talked to a specialist. I’ve been advised by my friend who rehabs houses.  They all say that it’s a lot of work.

Stay tuned for my fung shui home office case study. It should be done before the year is out!

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