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Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire


Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire is a valuable tool to help you plan, clarify and create a significantly successful business, while being an extraordinary mom at the same time. This comprehensive resource from top experts, all successful mom entrepreneurs themselves, provides outstanding tips that can enhance your business and family life. This book gives you everything you need to build and grow your ideal business while building and growing your family.

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I’m The Boss of Me

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  • If you are tired of being stuck in your cubicle, giving your brilliance, time and energy to someone else while other people raise your children;
  • If you are ready to be home with your family on special days and sick days without having to get permission;
  • If you say “one day I’ll start my business” then you’ve clicked to the right page! That “one day” is NOW!

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Home Base Business Ideas

On this page I’ve listed some great home base business ideas for you, stay at home mom, including JOBS that you can work from your computer.

I believe that entrepreneurship can be the start of a beautiful spiritual experience and therefore I encourage moms to first look within. Look to starting a business using their natural gifts & talents. And yet many have not had their talents developed and indeed do know where their gifting lies.

This is the beauty of a Multi-level Marketing company! And the best one that I know of is LegalShield. It provides a REAL service that people can use-affordable legal protection-and it allows you to make money by selling it also.  There is virtually no competition and so it’s easy to make money while helping families like yours. I use it for my family, business and offer it to my clients because it’s that good!

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