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Let’s Get To Work Moms!

Okay,  moms we are WELL into September and all children across the country are back in school (except Chicago). Even homeschooling moms have started up at the point.

So now it’s time to focus on your business. We have 60 more days until Thanksgiving. After that days get shorter and busier! Whatever you are going to accomplish has to happen in the next 60 days. Don’t tell yourself you have until 2013. You don’t. You know how this goes. So let’s get to work moms.

1. Pat yourself on the back for the accomplishments thus far.

2. Re-evaluate your goals

3. Determine the ONE thing in particular that you want to focus on.

4. Who & what will you need to help you accomplish it?

5. Start moving in that direction.

6. Stay off of Facebook, Pintrest & any other time-sucking social media platform (unless you successfully use it for business)

7. Keep your peripheral view on what you want for next year.

In December when everything has slowed down then we’ll look at setting goals for next year!

Get back to work mom!

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To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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