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A Lesson That I Learned From my Mother

i-love-my-mom-jpgA lesson that my mother taught me is that it’s okay to stay in the marriage for the sake of the children.
My father wasn’t romantic. He wasn’t highly interactive with the family. He wasn’t very helpful with the family duties, she did everything. But he also wasn’t cheating or abusive to us. He went to work, paid the bills and made sure his family was taken care of.

I married a man pretty similar to my father! Surprise, surprise, I loved my daddy so much my subconscious sought him out in a younger version; but I’m the new age, new millennial woman and this behavior warrants D-I-V-O-R-C-E in this new day.

Our current New Age philosophy says,

“I’m not happy. I deserve to be happy and since my happiness is the most important thing it’s not good for the children to be in an unhappy marriage, therefore I’m out.”

True happiness comes from within. I’m responsible for my own happiness. And honestly young children don’t care if you are happy or not, they just want their parents to be together. Click the link to see my video If Momma Ain’t Happy…No One Cares.

So I learned from my mother that some men are wonderful providers, great fathers but maykeep-calm-2 not be good husbands. Keep calm and be a mom; for the sake of the children. If he’s not mentally or physically abusive, addicted to drugs, or cheating then don’t destroy the family. My siblings and I were given a solid foundation because we had a man in the house who loved us and provided for his family.

Today my father is a doting, affectionate husband who has learned over time to express his love to his wife and children. My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary and I, my 23rd.

  • I am married.
  • I am happy.

Neither of those has anything to do with the other. And the children have a solid foundation.

Thank you for my lesson mom!

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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