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Internet Thieves: Be An Authority In Your Own Life

So often on the internet I read that you must “establish yourself as an authority” online. This means that if you want people to listen to you andfingerpoint follow you there are certain behaviors, and social forums that you should be involved in.  But the subject of establishing yourself “as an authority” is a fascinating one to me because the majority of people who are touting this online are not authorities themselves.

Many of these people are regurgitating the stuff that they have read from other make-money-online sites.  They don’t have the creativity, the confidence, the business knowledge, and in many cases the intellect to come up with unique content. There are so many desperate people online who want to get rich quick. However they feel that they can do this by stealing and copying others content as a way to “establish themselves as an authority.”

Here’s my advice to the lazy, regurgitating, thieves; be an authority in your own life first.

If you want someone to listen to you and follow you, listen to yourself first. This means become disciplined enough to learn where your creativity lies. Order yourself to develop a true passion. Take the time to follow that creativity and passion, nurture it and grow it. Discipline yourself enough to learn about yourself (and internet marketing) so that you’re not copying everyone else.

God has created everyone with enough creativity to share with the world.  You don’t have to steal from others and copy them. Be an authority; let your light shine so that others will listen to you and follow you. But be an authority in your own life first; be disciplined, be creative, be patient, be honest. Follow your creativity. Listen to your passion, grow it,  practice it. Then others will listen to you and follow you.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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