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I’m The Boss of Me

I'm The Boss of Me Radio

I'm The Boss of Me going from entrepreneur to employee

When you decide to start a business make sure it’s something that you love to do.

I love doing my new radio show, I’m The Boss Of Me! I help people transition from employee to entrepreneur! This is my second radio show and I AM THE BOSS OF ME!

When I think about writing articles, I get stressed.

When I think about doing a webinar, I’m overwhelmed.

When I think about blasting to everyone on several social media platforms about how much money I’m making and how busy I am I get bored. Who cares!?

When I think about sending out 2-3 emails to my list to stay in contact with them I get tired FOR THEM.

But when I think about doing 2 BlogTalk Shows a day I get excited! Forwarding the great content to others isn’t stressful. Telling others about how wonderful it is doesn’t overwhelm me.

Why? Because I love talking to people and asking questions.

You must created the job that you love. Become the BOSS OF YOU!

As soon as I monetize this show then I’m going to add 2 more. I would love to interview preachers and spiritual leaders on a regular basis.

What do you love to do and how can you build your business around it?


To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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