Home Base Business Ideas

On this page I’ve listed some great home base business ideas for you, stay at home mom, including JOBS that you can work from your computer.

I believe that entrepreneurship can be the start of a beautiful spiritual experience and therefore I encourage moms to first look within. Look to starting a business using their natural gifts & talents. And yet many have not had their talents developed and indeed do know where their gifting lies.

This is the beauty of a Multi-level Marketing company! And the best one that I know of is LegalShield. It provides a REAL service that people can use-affordable legal protection-and it allows you to make money by selling it also.  There is virtually no competition and so it’s easy to make money while helping families like yours. I use it for my family, business and offer it to my clients because it’s that good!

Click here to view a quick video about solid legal protection!


Bake Your Dog a Bone

Pet Bakery

The pet industry is $65 billion dollar industry and here you’ll learn how to enter the market through your very own dog bakery that you can do from home

This ebook was written by Chris Trombley and Doug Betram.

Chris worked as senior manager in PETsMART’s food and treat group and launched hundreds of pet products.

Doug is former CEO of Farnam Pet Products, President of Happy Dog Toys and currently President of eBizWize, LLC, (an internet-based pet consulting company).

They have helped many small companies get started in the pet industry. They both have extensive experience developing, launching and managing millions of dollars in pet nutritional and health products.

With this book comes 3 extra bonus books. Click here for more info


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Here’s a list of legitimate, reputable companies that will allow to work from home. You will be an at home ‘call center’ agent.  This is a great opportunity for you if you don’t desire to start a business but want to earn money from home.  A couple of these companies will require you to pay for your back ground screening, or may require purchase of specific equipment to be compatible with their systems, but they are all legitimate. The pay ranges from $7-$30+ per hour.

When working for a telecommunting company you should first decide:

  • how many hours do I want to work per week?
  • what time of the day will be best for me to concentrate?
  • how much money do I need to make?
  • what skills am I truly competent in? (this one is really important because a lot of stay at home moms will take a telecommute job thinking “I’ll wing it or learn it along the way” and that’s a good attitude; but if your quality of work or speed isn’t up to par then the company will be slow about assigning you work.)
  • Alpine
  • Working Solutions
  • LiveOps

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    Here is a great ebook that will teach you how to make money from home by being a medical transcriptionist.  Another idea for those of you who want to telecommute.

    Work from home as a medical transcriptionist

    Work from home as a medical transcriptionist

    The Step by Step Guide to Medical Transcription At Home is 119 pages and has been re-written every year since 2003. Michele also offers free consultations via email 7 days a week,  15 printable forms to help you with your business, an extra book on record keeping for the transcriptionist.


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    I know a couple of people who do this for a living and it is FUN, FUN, FUN!  If you’re creative, love decorating and real estate,  OMGoodness, this is the job for you! If I had another 8 hours in my day this would be my other business.  It doesn’t require a degree or certification!  Even when the real estate industry is in the slums you can still work and it doesn’t cost much to get it started!

    I have not yet read this ebook but she has a list of things that you will learn from it (click here to read). The reason that I recommend it is because you also get 8week money back guarantee (!), a review of your website and email consultation! You can’t go wrong buying this book!


    Create spa treatments

    Create spa treatments

    If I had 8 more hours, on top of the additional 8 extra hours for my home staging business I would create wholistic spa products and sell them. I do make my own  but haven’t perfected them enough to sell (because I don’t make them often enough…nor do I have a formula that I use…).

    The spa industry is the 4th largest leisure industry in the U.S!  By reading this ebook, Create Spa-Quality Products for Fun and Profit, not only can you save money by making your own but you can also save thousands just creating things for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, baby showers etc.etc!

    This ebook has 126 recipes, plus it teaches you how to label for the FDA, packaging, branding yourself and calculating costs.

    The bonuses includes ebooks on how to make lip balms, one on how to make potpourri and another with a list of suppliers (that’s hours of work you don’t have to do yourself!)

    I recommend this book, without reading it first, because it has a 60 day money back guarantee and it’s inexpensive so you can’t lose much.


    I have not yet read or use all of the products suggested above.  So please do your research and remember that with any business idea you must commit to using the information that you learn. Some of these ebooks offer free consultations (one reason that I recommended it) but also remember that I offer a 40min free coaching consultation. Feel free to contact me when you think you are READY to start.