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Some of Us are Natually Happy-Some Are Not

Put on a happy faceIt is true, some people are naturally happy.  This is proven through a genetic disposition.  I’m one of those people. And even though I’ve been trained quite well in Worry-ology by my Nervous Nelly mother I’ve learned over the years how to quiet my thoughts with meditation and prayer.  However just because you don’t have the genetic disposition of a naturally happy person it doesn’t mean that you were born to be miserable.  Your happiness is influenced by your genetics, but it is not fixed as a determining factor.

If you are not a naturally happy person you can change the way you think and feel so that you can become so. The key is to change the way your brain thinks AND the things you do.  You can learn to do things on a daily basis to bring up your happiness level which will help you learn to smile more and be a happier person.

Want to know how to be happier? Here are 4 things that you can do right now to increase your happiness level:

Get more sleep

Sleep is a big factor and lack of sleep can cause problems with your health also.  Ensuring total well being requires a good night sleep.


Exercise is very good for the body and it helps the brain put out endorphins which are responsible for making you happy.  Exercise is important for total health.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be on a heavy exercise routine on a daily basis.  However, you should try to sweat everyday.  You can get an amazing exercise but just cleaning the house and doing normal household chores.  This isn’t about losing weight.  It is about creating happiness.


Practicing meditation doesn’t mean you belong to a cult or you are doing anything religiously wrong.  Many people associate meditation with Buddhism and assume that it is wrong. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to change your subjective well being.  Doctors have proven meditation to generate brain activity on the left side, which produces a positive emotion in the body.  I use it to quiet the many thoughts in my mind so that I can hear the True voice; the voice of God. I also couple it with prayer.

Think Happy

This 4 module guide by clinical hypnotherapist, Steven G. Jones, seems to address the some real issues! Not only does he give techniques that will help you build your happiness levels but he also gives you some specific steps to take. You’ll also receive a hypnosis recording!  I’ve never used hynotherapy before but I checked him out on YouTube where he actually does a session. It’s nothing more than guided imagery!  He counts down until you’re in a relaxed state and then asks you to think of a time when you felt “truly confident” (this one was about building your confidence). I do the same thing with my boys!

So if you’re struggling in maintaining your joy and happiness you may want to look into getting his 4 module audio system. It comes with an 8week money back guarantee. What can you lose?

What can you gain?!

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To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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    September 28, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    Very good article , will be back for more reading :).


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