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Feng Sui-Case Study for My Home Office

fengsuiThis is part 2 of my Feng Sui series. Here’s part 1. I’m doing a case study, a little test in my home office.  Feng Sui philosophy purports that each area of our home represents an area in our lives and if we decorate it, clean it up, paint it a different color and place different “elements” in particular areas of the home than it will manifest likewise in our life.

I’m a bit of skeptic, however I do KNOW that clutter in my house causes confusion in my mind. It stresses me when there’s “stuff” everywhere.

I do KNOW that color soothes and energizes me. It can also drain me. When we moved into our 1st home here in SC. I had my bedroom painted an outrageous, gorgeous coral (peach). I loved it! It was complimented with white and pastel green. We had 2 kids and a basic bedroom suite.  By the time I was pregnant with our 4th child and the bedroom was more “lived in” I could no longer TOLERATE that color; which now seemed like a 1970’s orange!  It literally irritated me. I tried to tone it down by making everything white: sheer curtains, comforter. I even got a white mosquito net to drape from the ceiling  This helped a little because there were 3 windows and a king size bed which took up quite a bit of room. But it was still irritating. Plus the more lived in it became the more uncomfortable I got. I got a white crib and used white bedding for it. I got a fluffy white throw rug to put on the beige carpet; but that just meant more STUFF in the room.

I couldn’t paint it because I was pregnant and it didn’t bother my husband.

But soon afterward we moved and that was that.

So I know there’s some truth to feng sui, I’m just not sure  how the decorating of my house manifests itself in different areas of my life. But I’m willing to test it out.

I’ve occupied two different rooms as my home office. My first choice was our school room.  Recently I drew out the feng sui bagua map and  I found that this room is located in the Creativity and Children area. Ahhh, smart decision to turn this space into the school room! Pros and Cons for this being my home office.

This is my abandoned Office/School Rm

This is my abandoned Office/School Rm

The right side

The right side

  • PRO Plenty of things here to keep the kids occupied
  • CON Kids are always here messing with stuff! This means oopsies that sometimes require immediate attention, while I’m working.
  • PRO I can give out school work and turn to check my emails
  • CON Emails can take up more time then I intended and then I’m stressed when I have to make a choice
  • PRO Because it sits right off the laundry room I can hear when a load is done and pop in to tend to it
  • CON Now I’m schooling the kids, working, and doing laundry. My attention is divided. This is not good.
  • PRO Big and spacious, with lots of light and a door to the backyard where I can watch the kids. The pic doesn’t show the other half of the room, which includes a big, comfy chair and several more bookcases
  • CON This big room is a kid magnet and requires CONSTANT clean up from activities like painting, science experiments, play doh, all day drawing sessions, reading, etc

So I’ve abandoned that room and moved my home office to the Exercise/Sewing room. Since I don’t have time to sew and very little time to exercise, I figured I may as well utilize this space. On the bagua map this room sits in the Career area….hmmm how appropriate!

Exercise/Sewing Rm turned Office

Exercise/Sewing Rm turned Office

  • PRO It feels good! I like the energy. The hardwood floors are real (unlike the school room’s).
  • CON I hate the color and the wood paneling and there’s only one window
  • PRO It sits off the kitchen (because it’s really the dining room) so I can monitor every sound
  • CON It’s somewhat small and now I have to figure out where to store my sewing equipment and material.
  • PRO With the Total Gym, treadmill, yoga mat, & Step all in the same room I’m more inspired to exercise
  • CON I feel guilty because I’m not exercising. Just because exercise equipment is in the room doesn’t mean you have the time to use it.
  • PRO There’s not much for the kids to get into. There are no chairs or tables in here so the kids have to sit on the floor
  • CON Kids drag all of there stuff in here and happily spread it out on the floor

Based off of the pros and cons which one do you think I should make my permanent home office?

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

  • portal
    April 17, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Very nice information. Thank you very much
    .-= portal´s last blog ..The Army’s Plans for an Unmanned Air Force =-.

  • Brenda C.
    April 17, 2010 at 11:27 am

    I choose the exercise/sewing room that isn’t being used much anyway. But boy is it cluttered! Maybe you can get a divider (like the photo one I have upstairs or the bigger black one like I have downstairs) to place between you and and the exercise equipment to keep you focused on your work. Find a clearance sale on pretty sheers and tack them up on the wall behind and beside your desk so that you have something more visually appealing than the current wall color that you don’t like (that will set the space off from the rest of the room and be cheaper and quicker than painting). Put gates up in the doorway so the kids can see you but not get in!
    .-= Brenda C.´s last blog ..#5 – April: Your Christmas Stash and Items to Stock Up On =-.

    • Lady T
      April 18, 2010 at 2:48 pm

      Thanks Brenda! I love the idea of a gate in the doorway. The thought of them looking at me and crying because they can’t get to me even though I’m 3 ft away is absolutely hilarious!

      • Brenda C.
        April 18, 2010 at 3:51 pm

        T, I can picture you laughing while little “Gracie Lou” pulls her hair and runs in place at the gate! hehehe (Then you let her in, she gives you a “tank you” hug, and before you know it she’s banging on the keyboard and scattering papers!)

        • Lady T
          April 18, 2010 at 11:40 pm

          Yes, we’re not completely out of that stage yet.


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