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FAQ Regarding Starting A Home Base Business

I talk to a lot of people who are contemplating starting a home base business.  Usually I can tell those who aren’tStarting home business FAQ serious because their conversation is centered around questions that go like this:

I don’t have a lot of time or money, how can I quickly make a lot money working from home, become famous and have residual income for years to come while I’m vacationing with my family on the beach for six months of the year and still have enough money to retire by the age of 40?

I can’t help these people.  There is not much that makes me angry in life but lazy, entitlement attitudes ticks me off! People who have this attitude tend to follow the internet scams; and a fool and his money are soon parted.  It is possible to make a living from a home base business and if you are dedicated, focused and disciplined you will be VERY successful.

SAHM’s, who are serious, may ask questions that are similar to these but they have a different intention. Their question is centered around getting an understanding about working from home, as opposed to getting  money.

For instance, serious SAHM want to know:

Can I really have a successful home base business even though I don’t have a lot of time or money?

See the difference?

Yes you can have a successful home business, but you’ll have to redefine what success is for YOU. A business is like a baby. Both take time and money. With children we’re committed to investing and don’t expect a return on our investment for almost two decades. But with businesses we want it overnight. Define success for your the first year, then second and third, etc. And keep it realistically tied to the amount of time and money that you have (or are willing) to invest, because they are intrinsically intertwine.

Can I really get rich working from home?

Yes, you can! Just browse through the bookstores or search Amazon, there are THOUSANDS of moms who have become very rich working from home. I am one of them! Not only have these moms become rich they write books to tell you how they did it and they coach you to help you do it. I am one of them! It is absolutely possible to get rich working from home.

But again, you will need to define what rich means to YOU.

Does rich mean making as much at home as you did in the corporate world? Does it mean that you’re debt free and have x amount of dollars in savings? Does it mean that your yearly income has a set amount of zeros? You decide. Defining your terms of success and rich is important because without a personal definition you will always feel frustrated and may eventually give up.

Which home and small base businesses make the most money?

Businesses that allow you to sell products to many people, make a commission, or hire others are the most profitable home base businesses.  If you are hiring your time out to others then your income is limited to the number of hours that you can work in a day.

However, I always advise, moms in particular, that when deciding which business will make the most money for you, always choose the one that you are most passionate about. Does it matter that you can make a lot of money starting a temporary employment agency, from home, if you don’t like cold calling,  managing others, bookkeeping?  Choose the thing you love to do. Because, like a baby, it will require a lot of time and attention.

Answers to questions like these are answered in my e-guide: How To Start Your Home Base Business In 30 Days…even with a baby on your hip! It’s absolutely FREE of charge and it will help you to quickly get you business up and running and be on your way to success, with no gimmicks!

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