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Learn What Really Works with Facebook Marketing

It’s a fresh, new year with great potential and now is the time to market on the most powerful free visibility tool online, Facebook!

Don’t let the deceptively simple nature of Facebook fool you…

It’s a powerful marketing tool, but it can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with the hidden steps to accomplish your goals.  Facebook marketing produces great business results when you know the tips and tactics that make it work successfully.

The four week webinar training Facebook 4 Biz: Ready, Set, Go! has proven to help small business owners to accomplish more using Facebook to market and grow their businesses. The class is presented by my friend and colleague, Janet Slack, who has taught hundreds of small business owners how to have success with Facebook marketing.

Here’s the latest rave review of Facebook 4 Biz:

“Thank you for this great class! I now feel so much more confident maneuvering my way around Facebook, both personally and professionally. I am so excited about all the connections I am making and all the people that have already “liked” my business page! It’s nearly 50 people in the first week!”

And businesses that have already set up a Facebook page are learning how to optimize and tweak their pages for better results.  If you haven’t established a presence on Facebook, need some help with how to make it work or even need to learn what to do first (or next), this class is for you.  I believe in the results you can get from this class so strongly that I give it my personal recommendation as an affiliate and will be in the classes myself.

Hurry though!  The class starts on January 17th and you can have your business up and running on Facebook before the end of the month!   Read more comments on the class, get all the details and register here.  Facebook 4 Biz: Ready, Set, Go!

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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