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My First Born Graduated from College!

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Those of us raising children must admit: we don’t know what we are doing! So when one of the children shows success we can’t get prideful. As a matter of fact for me it’s pretty humbling.

That said, I humbly and joyously announce that my first guinea pig just received his Bachelors Degree! He did it in 4 years, without us having to send him a penny as he has supported himself with his talents. I am a proud mom! We are estactic parents.

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The Paradox of Motherhood

mother paradoxMotherhood is such a paradox that it fascinates me! Here are just a few of my thoughts on this Mother’s Day!

Is Free Range Parenting Child Neglect?

The police took these kids into custody and called Child Protective Services! CPS held them for hours! No one called their parents! What the freak? That’s called kidnapping in my book!

The parents have a right to sue. I doubt if they will win because our human rights-especially as parents-are slowly being taken away. Stories like this undermines a parents trust not only in themselves but also in the system that’s suppose to protect us.

When the Anchorwoman says “we have become more conservative…” a better word would be “FEARFUL”. We are so fearful of the authorities that we don’t trust (or develop) our parenting instincts. Instead we run our children to the doctor with the slightest sniffle. We medicate our children when they mention a pain. We don’t allow them to learn necessary skills and therefore grow confident about their ability to navigate in the world; hence we have grown children living in their parent’s basement, playing video games with a minimum wage job and a college degree. We are FEARFUL and we are raising FEARFUL adults. Free range parenting is NOT neglect.

What was neglectful was the police detaining the children and NOT calling their parents! I agree with The Mirev’s attorney; sue the County for harassment.

Everyone deserves affordable legal protection for their families!


Should You Let Your Child Quit Lessons

child quit?If you know your child has a particular talent but doesn’t want to follow through on lessons and insists on quitting, should you let him/her?

How to Start Your Day – A Routine for Moms

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