Do You Need A Coach?

what is a business coach and do i need one?

I’m often asked, what is a business coachand how do I determine if I need one or not?”  Keep reading!

You will want to find a business coach to help you grow your home business


    • ready to increase your family’s income
    • determined to follow through on those breakthrough ideas but you’re not sure where to start
    • letting negative self-talk & fear hold you back
    • ready to build a business that will feed your creativity and your bank account
    • losing your passion
    • needing help finding the time or motivation to do the things that you know will build your business
    • desiring a confidential listening ear
    • wanting a supportive partner who is truly passionate about helping you succeed
    • needing an extra push through the power of accountability
    • wanting to be challenged to go farther
    • tired of that glazed-over look you get when you talk to your family and friends about your business
    • wanting to role-model success for the sake of your children
    • tired of trying to figure it out and struggling for success

That’s when you contact me.

My CATapult Coaching System™ will help you quickly achieve your goals and build a foundation for your home base business that will keep you on that road of success!

Our one-on-one session is ME AND YOU. You’re not talking with my assistant or someone whose been trained to coach with my CATapult Coaching System™. You get my personal attention, my knowledge and my database of resources to help you go to the next level. You get a BFF, business mentor and mastermind partner all in one! Check out the testimonials from ecstatic clients!

Is This You?


After going through my website you may feel like you’re the perfect fit for my CATapult Coaching System™ and you are ready to get started; simply contact me and we’ll get you scheduled. If you’re still not sure, please take advantage of my 45 complimentary coaching session. Without any obligation or pressure you will be able to determine if coaching with me is the next step for you. Contact me now!