Teisha presents in a very enjoyable, engaging manner-not a dull moment. I walked away feeling strong and more powerful! ” Amanda Sullivan, Physical Therapist, Bloomington Hospital



“Teisha’s seminar was a wake-up call. I feel reborn in certain areas. I feel good about myself and now know what I need to do to move my career forward while taking care of my family.”Francine Miller, Administrative Assistant, Wyndham Miami Beach Resort



“I learned a lot about my self and will be able to take what I’ve learned back to my home and my workplace.”Heather Strarbuck, Director, Shawnee Missions



Working with Lady T has caused me to push past fears that have held me back from reaching my potential for many years. I’ve completed projects that stood like giants before me. It felt good finally accomplish major goals and to cross tasks off of my daily to-do list. I’ve known for a long time now that being accountable to someone else works well for me. I used to tell myself that I was internally motivated and while that is partially true, I would often fall short of reaching any significant goals. Having a business coach to call me on the carpet when things don’t get done helps me to avoid the self sabotaging behaviors that were starting to build in my life. Since starting my time with Lady T, I joined a gym and committed to working out 6 days a week. I have already lost 5 pounds and several inches in the last 5 weeks and I’m looking and feeling better. As a photographer who is constantly meeting and working closely with people, my health and the way I present myself to the public is crucial. I have also created several schedules for myself to help balance the different facets of my life. My time is more manageable now that I can see where it’s being spent. I would highly recommend Lady T’s services to any woman who has a driving passion to create something unique or to a woman who has special services to offer but she doesn’t know how to get those things to the market place. Lady T will help you to develop laser focus and then encourage you to take hold of success.  Andrea Brown,  Georgia




My name is Adrienne Adams. I am founder and president of Write the Vision Ministries, LLC. Lady ‘T’ has been coaching me for three months. I have experienced significant growth in my business during this time. When we first started, I was at a place where I had lots and lots of ideas. I saw myself doing so much. Kind of the way a singer can see herself winning a Grammy before she even makes a demo tape. I wanted to do it all. But taking on the task of doing all of those things and being mom, wife, teacher, chauffer, etc., was a bit daunting. Lady ‘T’ helped me to focus. We developed a plan to reach the goals that I had in mind and we identified the steps that had to be taken to make it happen. Then I carved out time to consistently take those steps every week. Lady ‘T’ and I would meet each week. For us moms, it meant talking at 10 pm after the kids had gone to sleep. I would joke with her that our sessions were my weekly business meeting. But that wasn’t far from the truth at all. She was an excellent accountability partner. It really makes the difference to have someone as interested in your business as you are. Someone who’s going to ask you if you made that follow-up call that you were supposed to make. I started my sessions with Lady ‘T’ in December. I am a self-published author. I market my books and I also do writing workshops in the community. We started laying out a plan in December. We had a few coaching sessions before the end of the year. In January, I had book sales coming in. In February, I taught my first writing workshop. Now, in March, I’m selling more books, I have more workshop requests, and I’m also looking forward to the first of many book signings in the next couple of weeks. My business is truly up and running. I recommend Lady ‘T’ to anyone who has the passion and the vision, but can’t get focused enough to move toward that vision. She is truly awesome. And, there is no one formula for success that she uses. Lady ‘T’ is very personable. She’s a fellow mom, a mentor, a business partner, and a coach. I encourage you to give Lady ‘T’ a call so that the two of you can work together to figure out what it will take to make YOUR vision a reality.   Adrienne Adams, Author, Illinois




WOW! This has been an awesome experience. In response to my new year’s prayer  about starting my business I heard about Lady T on an internet forum. Time and opportunity was there so I thought I’d take a chance and respond to her post. I was a bit scared and intimidated at first because I didn’t know what a coach could do for me. Teisha has made the difference for me. I believe I am several months or years ahead of the game at this point. She helped me to get focused, to put on paper my next steps. I think the biggest tool she gave me was to think ahead a year from now and what did I want to have accomplished a year from now. That cemented a few ideas I had and where I wanted or needed to go next. It’s good to know that there’s someone out there that can see the big picture to help you accomplish the small details. Thank you Teisha you were an answer to prayer for me.   Shirley Wheaton-Spann, Nevada http://www.restorationsintransitions.com/



Remarkable woman….she just is! I am too blessed to have found a both positive and objective sounding board for my business planning. As a mother of five she is understands the myriad of responsibilities of motherhood. Without question she has taught me to balance the constant tug at my heart to be there for my children and creating the business lifestyle I desire. I look forward to learning and expanding under her training.”
Kimberly Gibson, Photographer, SC www.kimberlymichellegibsonphotography.com



You are THE Business Coach for EVERYONE.  Your natural enthusiasm and sincere love for people is immediately obvious and the reason for your success.”
Jackie O’Brien, mompreneur, NY



Lady T asks those hard-hitting questions that must be asked before you can move forward with your dreams. She can take your blurry vision and bring it into sharp focus!” Helen Blakeley, Author,  Lake Wales, FL



Lady T knows how to draw things out of you that you didn’t know you had. She’s a gifted teacher and coach who knows how to ask the right question. With her as your coach you’ll definitely prosper. She is absolutely amazing!!”
Deboris Howard, Real Estate Investor, FND Group LLC, GA



In a few short conversations you’ve have given me so much more confidence in my abilities as a writer and as an entrepreneur. You helped me see myself-both my talents and the things I need to work on-more clearly, which has helped me craft a business and marketing plan that caters to my strengths while helping me strengthen my weakness. I can’t begin to thank you enough. Freelance writer Sara



My name is Latrice Folkes and I am a social entrepreneur and a single mom. At a time when I was going through a crossroads in my life and my business, and I needed to identify and execute a new direction for my business, I met Lady T and her company Business Coach for Moms. She was an excellent coach and assisted me with creating clear cut goals and a plan to achieve those goals as well as giving me the accountability I needed to follow through. I have now opened my Detox Center, published a book, and on the road to limitless success. Thank you Coach Teisha for all of your assistance and believing in me, you are a wonderful coach and woman. – Latrice Folkes. Chef, Author, and Owner of Lifeit LLC



“Teisha has given me  good ideas about my  business. She helped me to get myself organized and focus on   the goals that I am trying to achieve. On top of that, she’s a  good person!” – Keith Davis, Musician innergroovemusic.com



“Teisha has the natural ability to help you see yourself as others see you; Capable, vital, productive, confident, prosperous! She pours encouraging life giving words into your spirit. She empowers you to do what you desire to achieve while she guides your progress keeping you focused on the goals. I now know my position in the market place is unlimited. I have the tools I need to grow my business through networking, and I am grateful to Teisha for Catapulting my business from a home office to a design studio!” – Angela Britt, Interior Designer and Owner Las Vegas, NV  dezineroriginals.com



“Thank you for your creativity, your vision, and for creating supportive stepping stones for others as you walk your path!” -Laura Grainer, Dynamic Shift Solutions, Peace Institute International, Say Yes Time Exchange



“When I think of Teisha Shelby-Houston or as we, her friends like to call her, “Lady T”; my head just becomes an explosion of emotion and exuberance. The best athletes still need a coach and Lady T is the one you want in your corner when you have the desire to hit it out of the park! The day I met Lady T, I found a life long friend and inspiration to carry me through the most difficult challenges I encounter. I have watched Teisha grow her influence and her business with “business moms” across the country. Even just a guy like me has been inspired to want to be a better one thanks to her. It is remarkable to see the impact she has facilitated with business moms and just a delight to see the legacy of successful businesses she leaves in her wake. The hardest thing to do is keep up with an inspired and motivated business mom that has been turbo charged by Lady T. She constantly raises the bar and all I can say is her empowered business moms not only affect generations they are the ones that will bring this country back from the fringe!“ Warren Miller



As a speaker Lady T is passionate and inspiring! Not only does she teach practical (and spiritual) tools for running your business and home but she delivers it in such a way that it facilitates your own thinking of new ideas! I’m still going through my notes and implementing ideas after hearing her speak for only 2hrs!- Sharon Leonard-Leonard’s Catering



“As an entreprenuer, wife of one and mother of five, Teisha Houston is passionate about assisting other mothers in their business pursuits. She is an encourager who understands the challenges of motherhood. She helps moms organize their lives so that they are able to pursue personal goals while caring for their families. MOMS, ‘Lady T’ is someone you want to know!”    Andrea Little Mason EugeneandAndrea.com



In just a couple of months my business has tripled! I hired you as a coach with a small amount of trepidation. Sure you helped my girlfriend to start her business but mine was already established. I wasn’t really sure what you could do for me.  I tell all: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A BUSINESS COACH! And especially if you are a mother who is wearing so many hats. Lady T has opened my eyes to the many opportunities that are in front of me. I didn’t even know that I had my eyes closed!  She challenged my thinking in all areas! I can’t even express the mind shift that took place in me due to your coaching. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Veronica Conners -Reiki Master, Utah



She’s goofy, she’s silly, she’s powerful, she’s peaceful, she’s spiritual. She will set you on your path of purpose! If you’re a mom wanting to start your home business this is the lady to help you get it going! If you’re a mom who already has a home business but it’s not moving this is the lady to help you get it going! – Jane Montgomery-Desert Chef   Too Sweet



“I love your teaching style it helps me to think and reflect and then you give me the steps to take actions that I need to take for MY business! I highly recommend her as a speaker! She changes mindsets!”  Brit Cochran-Singer, Actress



It’s so appropriate that someone who is passionate and living life with purpose would be such a dynamic speaker and coach on the subject of “living your life with passion and purpose”. She is an phenomenal motivator with practical-how-to strategies and a role model for all women. For the first time in my 45 yrs I am clear about my mission in life. With tears I type THANK YOU!  -Jennifer Muller, Oklahoma City


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Lisa Decker recommends The Business Coach for Moms “If you’re looking for clarity or focus; if you’re trying to figure out what’s next for you or what can you do from home, I would highly recommend that you speak with Lady T. Because she can help you find that clarity and focus, she can help you find what it is that you should be doing in life. She’s got the spiritual connection. She can really be the one to help you find who you are becoming; who you really are inside. I highly recommend you talk with Lady T” DivorceMoneyMatters.com