FAQ about business coaching

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mompreneur & Baby

Our one-on-one sessions will take place once a week via telephone. The first 2 meetings are 45-55 minutes in length, and all other sessions are 30-40 minutes. Once our calls are over you will have determined what’s important to work on that week. I do not make you feel “bad” or “guilty” if you’re not able to complete all goals, as a busy mom this is often the case, however I will challenge “excuses”.

You will have unlimited email access to me.

I do not tell you what to do. Every woman is intuitively keen to her needs and wants. I help you think through what you truly want and where you plan to take your business, I then support your decisions and goals.

Each week a routine set of questions are asked, which will cause you to reflect on your activities and growth for the previous week.  We then focus on the goals for the current week, and at the end of 60 days you will have:

  • Analyzed your market-the first step for any business
  • Developed and Written your mission and purpose statements-to help you remain focus during challenging times
  • Polished or developed your website-to attract your clients
  • Completed your business plan – if your business needs one
  • Created a sound marketing plan – one that will keep you before your target market
  • Outlined short-term and long-term goals – you’ll never get “stuck” again
  • Acknowledged and tackled limiting thinking – so that it can no longer hinder you from creating the life that you want

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$400 a month which includes:

  • weekly phone calls-to help you stay motivated and focused
  • unlimited email coaching in between the calls-because sometimes you need the hand-holding
  • a discounted price whenever you want to return

The encouragment, validation, camradrie and building of self-confidence are free of charge! I truly believe that a woman who has birthed a child and has chosen to work from home is a woman who can run any business that she set her mind to!

Yes I did put my fees on the internet!! How many people do you see do that? I post them here for two reasons.

1. I purposely make it affordable. Mompreneurs understand the need to invest in their businesses, but some businesses are not at the point where they can justify spending $1,000-$2,000 a month for 6-12 months. I truly desire to see Stay-At-Home Moms become successful, business women and happier mothers. Therefore, I make professional business coaching affordable regardless of how small her home business is, and I am not afraid to post it here.

2. Coaching is what I do naturally. I am gifted at it. Because it is my gift and natural passion it’s not “work” for me. It’s an energizing experience EVERY time!  I simply give and I am given

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I ask clients to commit themselves to a minimum of 2 months. Some clients want to partner-up for 6 months to 1 year.

Who Are Your Clients?

My clients are women between the ages of 28-45, who are raising their children and running a business from home.  Many come to me with just a business idea; I ask questions that help them to solidify this idea, lay a foundation and start a business.

Some have been in business for a period of time but have gotten “stuck” because of the many challenges and responsibilities.

With both types we go through my CATapult Coaching System™ that helps them to go to the next level.

What Is The CATapult Coaching System?

The CATapult Coaching System™ is based on the metaphor: Like the big cats of the jungle, you too are a beautiful and powerful creature. You are able to take on the jungle (entrepreneurship) while raising your cubs (children). The Queen of the Jungle surrounds herself with other lionesses and they alone are responsible for hunting and raising the cubs.

With this metaphor I challenge you to walk fully in your power as we, together, walk the lessons of my  CATapult Coaching System™ to:

Develop Cat-Eye Focus – develop mission and vision statements, define success for yourself, set short and long term goals

Tackle the Cat Walk – become aware of your professional appearance, cultivate your personal brand capitalize on your networking efforts

Purr – monitor your self-talk because it controls your destiny

Climb the Tree – Relish in your success

– And other lessons from the beautiful & powerful felines.

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Yes, you can!  I have a free audio download available on the homepage of this website just for that purpose. My blog gives you a taste of my personality and family challenges. And I offer a 45 minute complimentary session.  You are under NO OBLIGATION following that session, and you will not get a 45 minute sales pitch.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact me through my website or email me at Teishaspeaks400(at symbol)gmail.com and we will schedule your first appointment!