The Coaching

I have found that discussing my home business with my husband or girlfriends is great and oftentimes enlightening but they are busy and aren’t always interested. I’ve always craved someone like me.

A COACH! A mentor! An objective person, who understands my plight-5 children and I’m homeschooling (so don’t suggest that I get up 2 hours earlier to be more productive!).

I would pay that person to help ME; they wouldn’t come to help my children or help my laundry load. They would help me and my home business.

And I would need that person to be affordable and convenient!

That’s what I offer to you! As a mother of 5 and a momprenuer of 15 years I understand YOUR needs and challenges and I have made moving from mom to successful mompreneur as easy as possible. Check out the many services and resources that I offer.


The Free Stuff

Mompreneurs Step by Step Guide to starting your business

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