I’m The Boss of Me Ebook

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  • If you are tired of being stuck in your cubicle, giving your brilliance, time and energy to someone else while other people raise your children;
  • If you are ready to be home with your family on special days and sick days without having to get permission;
  • If you say “one day I’ll start my business” then you’ve clicked to the right page! That “one day” is NOW!

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  • “I feel stuck, forever doomed to working a job that pays enough to keep me Just Over Broke?”
  • “I’m paid well for my time and talents but I want to use my time and talents building my own business and NOT someone else’s.”
  • “I am tired of giving my loyal dedication to a company that makes me beg for a day off when my child is sick?”
  • “I hate this job.  I want to quit my job and start my own business, I just don’t know how!”
  • Have you gotten sick and tired of the threats of lay-offs, job eliminations, mergers and the political games that you have to play in hopes of keeping your job?
  • Do you have an aching passion to be home raising your own children and running your own business but you’re not really sure how to start?
  • Are you so good at your job that they continue to “reward” you with pay raises and more responsibilities, but you have a sinking feeling that you’re digging your own grave?

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    I am author, speaker/trainer and business coach, Teisha Shelby-Houston. I teach people how to go from being a trapped employee to a thriving entrepreneur and have condensed my invaluable knowledge into a step by step, strategic plan just for you! In my seminars across the country and during my interviews on my radio show, I have talked to ton’s of people who have quit their jobs and started their own businesses. In this ebook I have condensed their tips, their “I-wish-I-had”s, their  “what-I-should-have-done”s, their sound advice and combined them with my personal experience and my proven coaching expertise into this e-book to provide you with potent, practical strategies that will allow you to deliberately create the life and business that you want!

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  • 7 Creative ways to raise money for your business idea without ever going to a bank… pages 43, 44 & 45
  • How to seamlessly transition from your job to your business while still getting paid…pages 17 & 18
  • Persuade your company to let you experiment with an alternative work arrangement with these win-win negotiation points that have set a precedent around the country in other companies…page 18
  • Maximize your chances for success even if you’re a first generation entrepreneur…pages 10-13
  • Reduce the time you spend doing marketing research by 72hours with my extensive list of resources on the web…pages 54-55
  • Why and how to stay focused even when you have 20 new business ideas calling you to come test them all out…pages 27-31
  • The power of using affirmations to manifest your dreams quickly…page50
  • The Triple Knock-out Power of Think, Say & Do that will put you on your way…pages 47-48Everyday we make choices to live life deliberately or by default. There are many who hate their jobs, are depressed about their work and continue to wallow in it anyway.