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face it

Women are notorious for trying to help other people solve their issues at the expense of dealing with their own. That’s why I lOVE this quote by James Baldwin. Face your issues! face it

Business Travels Tips: Overriding the Hotel Thermostat

I love speaking to women across the country! It allows me to travel and see different parts of the country. But business travel isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. But here’s a business travel tip to help ease the stress. And it is stressful at times. I’ve encountered bed bugs.

I was trapped in a snowstorm for 4 days and couldn't go home.

I was trapped in a snowstorm for 4 days and couldn’t go home.

I have been trapped by snow storms.


I have played the waiting game to see if a plane would actually show up and take me on to my next destination.

Patiently waiting...waiting...waiting for my flight!

Patiently waiting…waiting…waiting for my flight!



And I am not even going to talk about the variety of “fun” a mom can have when traveling with kids while on business.

keeping kids entertained while I work.

keeping kids entertained while I work.

See my video on How To Travel with Kids and Stay Sane by clicking here.

However, I can’t complain because there are so many joys of traveling.

But I’ll tell you the biggest thing that annoys me when traveling: the hotel that doesn’t let me control the temperature of my room. I like it toasty. I don’t want to feel a hint of a chill on my skin when I go to the bathroom in the night or get out of the shower in the morning. So I was glad to find this video on how to override the thermostat on the wall! A great tip that I will use on my business trip next week!

Press the “display” button
Simultaneously tap “off” button
Continue to hold down display, and Press the “up” arrow button
Release all buttons

Yay! Plenty of heat for me!

Our First Day of Year 18 of HomeSchooling

Our 1st day of yr 18 of homeschooling.

Our 1st day of yr 18 of homeschooling.

I have been Homeschooling since 1996. And today is our first day of school. I’m really excited for us and also scared. What If’s are running through my head. What if-things get too busy; my parents get sick; I get bored and lose the patience (that has happened); I don’t cover the thing that REALLY important for that child? After all these years I still have doubts about my abilities to do this successfully AND run a business. Why am I fretting? My first two guinea pigs are doing VERY well! And so is my business! As I sat down this morning to read, meditate and pray (in that order) these words came to me.


Trust me for the little children. For I have created them. I have wonderfully made them and made them wonderful! When I placed them in the secret place of your womb not only did I knit together their frame-from flesh to marrow-but I also wove together their destiny. Not only did I number the hairs on their heads but I also numbered their days. It is all woven into their DNA. Watch! Watch. Take their cue. They have gifts and talents that you know not of. They have abilities and special secrets stored inside of them. They have places to go and people to meet. They have a destiny and purpose. I have allowed you to bring them forth at a time like this for a particular reason. And it has nothing to do with you.   You are simply the vessel that I used to bring forth these 5 souls. So do not allow yourself to become too attached Dear Heart. You have a job to do. Your job is to teach them social etiquettes. Your job is to provide them a safe environment. Your job is to remind them of me. Your job is to see to it that they’re educated. Your job is to trust me for the little children. The rest is up to me and I have already handled my part. My plans are for their prosperity and success. I will bless you in your work! I will comfort you in your sacrifice! I will honor you for your diligence! But trust me. Trust me for the little children.

  Okay LORD, let the day begin!

We ended the day with ice cream!

We ended the day with ice cream!

Here are a couple of my previous posts on homeschooling. Socialization A video of my day   I would love to hear your thoughts on the fears that plaque you as you raise your children. Leave your comments below.