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Funny Mom Video

When my son called 911 and hung up I was TOTALLY embarrassed when they showed up to see if everything was okay. I can relate to this mom. LOL This is a funny video!

How to Get to Mental Heaven

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Mental harmony is heavenly; that means your thoughts are in alignment with The Divine. You EXPECT the best from everything and everyone all the time. You ARE your best without arrogance in everything among everyone all the time. You LOVE everything and everyone all the time because you can see how we are all connected.

Most humans never experience this heavenly mental harmony. We are focused on the external things of the world. We look at the apple, the snake, the tree and are confused by The Deceiver. We live in a form of mental hell. Then our thoughts become aligned with The Enemy. We EXPECT the worst of people and possibilities. We FEAR opportunities and potentials. We are CONTROLLED by our own opinions and emotions & BELIEVE that ours alone is right. We CANNOT see how we are connected to everyone & everything, INCLUDING God.

I seek & crave that conscious, mental harmony EVERY a.m. Sometimes it’s only for 5min as I lay in bed preparing for my day & sometimes it’s 20min-1 hour as I sit and read The Bible and meditate…BEFORE the kids wake up…because once they are up it is on!

The way to get to that place of mental harmony – the way to heaven is to consciously focus on God and the Spiritual world. To meditate. EVERY DAY.

No, I did NOT say pray everyday because for most of us prayer is a recital of the problems, rehearsed fears and restated opinions that keeps us trapped in the physical world.

Meditate-in other words you shut down the noise/talk/verbiage. (I have a video on YouTube that talks about HOW to shut down the noise and eliminate fears do this.) You must set up the Sabbath  EVERY day to experience mental heaven.

Protecting Your Family – Benefits of LegalShield

One of our jobs as a mom is to protect our children & family. Three years ago I signed my family up for a service called LegalShield and the benefits have served my family well. LegalShield was once called Pre-Paid Legal but NOW has better benefits and services! For one low monthly fee we have access to an entire attorney firm that is willing to handle any legal questions that we may have. And even though the company has been around for 40+ years, many people don’t know anything about it!

LegalShield Benefits Explained 

The average attorney charges $200-$300 an hour. Well I pay less than that in a year and I, my husband, my college student and all other dependents have UNLIMITED LEGAL ADVICE from our attorneys regarding any of our legal questions. This includes questions about my business or taxes or rental property or potential neighbor problems, etc. Having the advice of an attorney to prevent future problems is highly beneficial don’t you agree? It’s like a…shield…a LEGAL shield!

As a homeschooler and mom of driving teenagers the 24/7 emergency access allows me to breathe easier. I know if my college student is riding around with friends and the police stop them, for whatever reason, he can ALWAYS call an attorney if he needs one.

Another benefit of LegalShield is knowing that I have a real attorney who will make phone calls or write letters for us on the firm’s letterhead. A letter from an attorney carries far more weight then a letter from you.

They also review contracts and documents of up to 15 pages for us. This is another MAJOR benefit! My college student is entering the world of Real Life. He’s running his own business and renting apartments and making verbal agreements with people. I’m so glad that he gets to learn, early, how to be official and professional as he is connecting and interacting with adults who may want to take advantage of a “young kid”. We can access the online legal videos for clarity on hundreds of topics, (believe me you DON’T want to Google your legal advice). And we also have access to tons of legal forms that we can edit, then shoot over to our attorney firm for their review and then receive consultation if necessary! Two more very powerful benefits!

Our membership also covers traffic-related issues. For me this is the most important benefit! I travel across the U.S. training and speaking and evidently I carry a lead foot with me everywhere I go (this means I often get speeding tickets). But the other benefit of LegalShield is that I’m covered in 49 states (excluding Alaska). My local firm contacts an attorney in the violated state and that attorney handles the ticket for me. So far I’ve paid NOTHING and have NOT lost any points on my drivers license. This saves money on my car insurance! How insanely grand is that?!

The Trial-Defense coverage guarantees me so many pre-trial and trial hours if I’m ever named in a civil lawsuit. Every year that I’m a member an additional 60 hours is added until I max out at 300 hrs. I don’t planned to be sued by anyone, but you never know. I do like knowing that I have some attorneys waiting for me to say, “sic ‘em” if I need to.

Another super grand benefit is having a will, a living will and a power of attorney that is written and updated for us every year at NO EXTRA cost!

If the IRS ever audits us we will receive assistance. Just the thought of this assistance is relieving!

And one benefit that I don’t plan to ever use is the Family & Domestic Services, where we are covered for:
• Uncontested Divorce
• Uncontested Adoption
• Uncontested Separation/Annulment
• Uncontested Name Change
But you never know…my husband may decide he wants an annulment. Then I’ll need legal services for my behaviors that will follow his request.
BTW, criminal behaviors are not included in the membership but would be covered by LegalShield at a 25% discount of a well-qualified referral attorney.
Moms, your job is to protect your family. Go here to view videos that will explain more about the service and then sign your family up immediately. With solid legal protection you will worry less!