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Do You Tweet?

I do, but I have to admit I haven’t lately.
Why not you ask?

Because it’s so great! Twitter is wonderful for making connections with people but I love it more for all the wonderful information that’s available! Someone is always posting some type of report, some interesting news, a free downloadable thingy, an article; SOMETHING that sends me running around on the internet looking, laughing, reading, researching!
I’ll login to tweet some encouraging quotes or my words of encouragement-that’s all I tweet, because life is good-and the next thing i know it’s 1 hour later!


Top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook. It is an excellent professional networking resource. Many people use it as a job search tool; and entreprenuers use it as a powerful resource in the development, launch and success of their ventures.
On LinkedIn you can join up to 50 user-created groups from a list of thousands, absolutely free of charge. Not only do these groups allow you to connect with group members who could become future partners, customers, investors and employees of your business; but you also have access to the group discussion boards and news sections which provide more networking opportunities, answers to your questions and great advice!

Here are the Top 5 LinkedIn Groups that I believe will be beneficial for entrepreneurs.


How Should I Handle This?

There are times when I’m not feeling the love; times when I give so much I’m not trying to give anymore.

My children all have their agendas and needs. My husband, God bless him, works 10-12 hours a day in restraurant management. His first love, calling and passion is Pastoring. But since the congregation is still growing he has had to go back to the restraurant to supplement his income.

This means that I’m primarily the one who chauffers, delegates, disciplines, cooks, cleans, oversees, yells, and takes care of the house, children, garden, landscape and homeschool. (He does handle the groceries and finances.) All of this in addition to my coaching business. So on Saturdays I want to leave the home to go sit at my other office-WholeFoods-and plan my week, veg out, catch up on some work….breathe. He usually has that same plan for himself.

Most of the time our oldest son has something going on, so he’s not home to babysit and because we live away from our family we don’t have a family member to drop them off. I don’t like asking friends to babysit our 5 kids all day on a Saturday. (Yes, I’m gone ALL DAY, from noon until 8pm, when I can get away with it.)

So the question is how should we handle this? I don’t want to alternate weekends and to be honest I don’t want to compromise-which is a very RARE stance for me. So every Saturday I leave and don’t care. Am I being selfish? Leave your honest comments.

All Hail To The Entrepreneur!! Quick Videos

Here are some great videos that will encourage your heart. These are all from

This first one is Dave Ramsey giving great advice on how and why to start a biz NOW. It’s only 3 min long.
The next one is Rich Sloan, the owner of Start-Up Nation, and he’s talking about the success of mom entrepreneurs. It’s only 6min long.
Here 2 new entreprenuers talk about how they built their businesses. It’s about 6 mins.
Here 3 women talk about their buisness and marketing challenges. It’s about 7 min long.

Open Mike Night helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas. It’s 6 mins.

My First Free Audio Program!

Finally, I posted my first free audio coaching program! It’s my desire to have 8-10 free down loadable audio programs and then several that are available for purchase. But doing it takes time. It took me more than a month, but I’m going to get better and better and it will take me 1-2 weeks to shoot out a program…I hope.

The free coaching program is available on my website and it’s called Cat Eye Focus, Helping You Maintain The Vision for Your Business. As mom entrepreneurs we have so many things to juggle and we tend to take care of everyone and their schedules first so our “thing” gets put on the back burner. Sometimes we do this even with our business plans and we try to make up for it in the middle of the night.

Even as I type this I just received a call from my 2 older sons asking can they go bowling with some friends. They were told to go to the friends’ house for 2 hours and come back. I was going to cook dinner, feed the babies and when they returned I would leave to go to my “other office”-the coffee shop around the corner. However I just agreed to them going bowling so my “other office” will be closed when they return. That means I won’t get much done today and I’m still tired from the weekend, so I won’t be able to stay up late tonight!

Events like this occur to entrepreneur moms several times a week, so when you finally get a chance to work you’ve lost some of the great ideas, lost some of the enthusiasm, or you have so many little things to catch up on that you become inefficient.

If you have this struggle than you’ll want to go to my website The Business Coach for and download the free Cat Eye Focus audio coaching program so that you can maintain your vision even in the midst of distractions!

But before you go to download your free audio coaching program, leave me a message here: how do you handle the many distractions that cause you to lose your momentum?