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Stay Focused

Running your own business can be challenging at times. It’s probably easier to let someone else deal with all the challenges and just collect a paycheck, but in today’s economy there’s not a lot of security in that scenario.

So how do I get past the challenges? How do I keep going when the going gets tough? How do I get back up when I stumble or fall down – and yes, I do fall down, just like everyone else does.


My Children Exist Because of Michael Jackson

On the night of MJ’s death I donned my highschool Beat It jacket one last time and took this pic.

I know it’s not theologically sound to say that my children exist because of Michael Jackson, but let me explain.

I was a Michael Jackson Freak. That’s what people called me, that’s how I behaved,and that’s the name I enjoyed being called. I spent my allowance on every little MJ paraphernalia that I could get my hands on. I was smart enough to save some of the items even though I had NO CLUE that Ebay would be in existence 25 years later! Where’s my digital camera?!


You’ve Been Summoned by The President

President Obama has called us all to help rebuild our community and our economy by volunteering our services. On this website, United We Serve, you can find opportunities to serve based on your interests and location. You can also register your projects so that others can find you.
As busy as I am, I love the idea that we all are responsible for the rebuilding of our nation and that we do that by something as simple as volunteering. Even the title is motivating, “United We Serve“.

Take a look at the 3 min video of 1st Lady Michelle Obama!
What Are You Going To Do?

How Do You View Life’s Disasters?

The next morning Edison stood outside surveying the wet ashes. He is quoted as having said, “There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.”

Which One Of These Motivates You?

According to psycologists there are nine basic motives to which everyone responds. These nine influence practicially every human thought or action. They are:
Financial Gain
Power & Fame
Anger & Revenge

These circulate, consciously or unconsciously, in your mind and control what you choose to do and what you refrain from doing.

As a woman who has decided to go against the grain of society and stay home with your children AND try your hand at entrepreneurship at the same time, what is motivating you? Be honest with yourself; it doesn’t matter how “spiritual” you are, these nine motivators are part of the human psyche and keep us going, for good or bad. When you are conscious, awake, self-examining you can make these work out for your good.