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Are You Seeking Success?

key to successMany struggle with the ideal of success. They’ll sabotage their efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Some run after success so desperately that they actually push it away from themselves.

But should you really be concern about success? Should you make it a priority?

Living in a materialistic, capitalist, society (and may God continue to bless America) one can be led astray if one is not grounded by something bigger than one’s self. My faith in God, through the teaching of Jesus Christ has helped me. When it comes to success I’ve learned that I should, “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything else will be added to you.”  This was Jesus’ summation of how we should respond to worry.

When you are worried about success, money, the future remember how God provides for the animals. Birds don’t worry about next week’s provisions.  God clothes the flowers beautifully even though they quickly disappear, sometimes overnight.

We don’t have to worry about our future success if we first seek the kingdom of God. What does that mean?

If we live to glorify God, if we are using our gifts for the growth of ourselves and others; if we remain grateful for even the smallest things of life; if we are freely giving and blessing others; if we are continually checking in with the Creator for direction, if we are living with the intention of doing the right things, then we are seeking the Kingdom of God.

Seek first the Kingdom and success will be added to you. Do you believe it’s that simple?

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Send Cards Before the Holiday Begins

Sending cards to your clients during the holiday season should be part of your marketing plan. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the cards need to have special embossing and look expensive. If you didn’t order them early enough or can’t afford them don’t sweat it.

Business Networking Tips and Tricks

This summer I went out often to network.  The 3 babies were more independent and the 2 older kids were more mature.  So I warned them that the summer was mine to come and go as I needed. I scaled back on their activities, daily swallowed my guilt and went on.

I met a lot of great people. I also ate a lot at these business networking meetings!  Usually I eat salads when I go out because I don’t like the taste of processed restaurant food, but once in awhile I indulged in something a little heavier. It’s a bit more awkward, chomping and trying to listen, talking…don’t lick your fingers…wipe your mouth…remembering the correct way to eat this or that.

So here’s a nice, little business networking tip that I thought I’d share with you for your next business networking meeting. After gathering your finger foods and before returning to mingle and talk use this little technique. Here Chef John shows us  a very neat and clean way to eat a chicken wing.

Click the link for more business networking tips  or for an informative interview about how to follow up after a business networking event


Here’s are 5 simple strategies to make networking on LinkedIn more effective.

Twitter Scams

The ability to communicate on Twitter with people that you don’t know or to learn about an important subject in lesstwitter bird than 140 is absolutely phenomenal! We can pass on information at lightening speed; however when that information is a scam many people are taken in at lightening speed too.

Many have received DM (direct messages) saying, “you’re on this video…” and there’s a link that once clicked will bring you to a site that looks like a Twitter page but when you look at the URL in the browser it’s clearly not Twitter. It’s a phising scam.

Other scams: “hahaha, that u on here?” and  “lol this is funny (link)”, “I made $426.23 online today with (link).” OR “I made money with google. this website showed me. (link)”

Most times these DM are not sent from the account user but by a highjacker. Here are some tips to keep you and others safe on Twitter.

1. Don’t click on these links.

2. Never give out your Twitter password to 3rd party applications that do not use OAuth.

3. Report the account and all phising scams to @Spam

4. If you’ve been scammed be sure to change your password on and nowhere else.

Have you or anyone you know received one of these DM’s?

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