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Pause, Slow Down, Stop

Right now I’m experiencing the confusion of Confusion; questioning myself and wondering have I really heard from God or am I just moving on my own recognizance.

Stop and Be Still


When struggling to figure out who is your target market, what should you teach, where should you speak, how should you market, blah blah blah:

  1. Take a breathe.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Pray.
  4. Be still.
  5. And just serve.

It will all come together.


Mommy’s Most Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

I LOVE delicious cinnamon rolls! But I rarely buy them because I know they are high in carbs and sugar. And not to mention expensive!

So recently I’ve decided I was going to learn to make my own. I’ve tested out some receipes and my kids LOVE this one in particular. In the words of my 8yr old son, “These are mommy’s most delicious cinnamon rolls yet!”

I combined two recipes to make this one work for me and then I added my own stuff  (like eggnog instead of buttermilk) .

And the point is DON’T BE AFRAID TO PLAY AROUND with the cinnamon roll recipes because they are so delicious they are going to get eaten anyway!

The two best cinnamon roll recipes online is one but The Minimalist Baker– super easy!   And by Sallys Baking Addiction , also easy and relish!

They both have beautiful blogs and since they are photographers the pics of their cinnamon rolls are gorgeous! For my delicious cinnamon rolls pic I used my Android phone and fluorescent ceiling lights. They look less appealing but believe me they ARE delicious!

Play around with these cinnamon roll recipes and see what happens.

cinn rolls going into the oven homemade cinnamon rolls








kids eating cinnamon rolls

experiment with them. The kids will eat them up!

My First Born Graduated from College!

Those of us raising children must admit: we don’t know what we are doing! So when one of the children shows success we can’t get prideful. As a matter of fact for me it’s pretty humbling.

That said, I humbly and joyously announce that my first guinea pig just received his Bachelors Degree! He did it in 4 years, without us having to send him a penny as he has supported himself with his talents. I am a proud mom! We are estactic parents.

graduation dance1