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Lesson That I Learned from My Mother-Hicunni Chandler

Hicunni Chandler gave me a list of things she learned from her mom!

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Integrity: I need to be true to who I am whether I am by myself or in the marketplace.
Prayer: There is nothing to hard for God. Continue to be consistent and persistent in prayer…don’t give up
Laughter: Find joy in everything…lighten up
Dealing with people:When people show you who they are, believe them
Eating: You don’t need reason to do it…food is good.
Hard work: Women can get it done too!
Courage: Stand up for what you believe to be true, don’t be afraid to stand alone.
Confidence: Learn to love yourself..I am beautiful because God made me.

A Lesson That I Learned from My Mother-Yvonne Adams

My mother taught me a very important lesson in life: Never give up.

My mom is an amazing inspiration and truly taught me to work hard and that when there is a will, there is a way.

Born in 1929, she dropped out of high school and got married and raised her family. Right before her 47th birthday, she filed for divorce from my abusive father, leaving her a single mother of a 6 year old daughter enrolled in Catholic grammar school and dance classes…and not even a high school diploma.

I remember her calling everyone we knew to let them know she needed a job immediately. I remember her driving a 4am catering truck and wrapping me in a blanket so I could sleep on the front bench seat while she did her run before I needed to get ready for school. She also tended bar at a little local Chicago bar which happened to be down the block from my brother’s house so I could go there after school. Eventually, she started cleaning houses.

She put me through Catholic grammar school and high school and I never missed a dance class. My mom taught me to work hard in my life, which is how I went to college and grad school. I got grants and scholarships in college and grad school and I worked about 30 hours a week through all 4 years of college. My mom bought her first home when she was SIXTY-FOUR years old….all from her hard work. She has always served as my inspiration throughout my life and I love her more than words can ever say.

Yvonne Agnello-Adams is an experienced marketing and international training professional and the President and Owner of YDAA & Associates, Inc.

A Lesson That I Learned from My Mother-Angela Perry

angela perryLessons that I learned from my mother:

  • Strength
  • Self confidence
  • Relentlessness

My mother, Gail Jordan, has embodied these qualities as long as I can remember.

Being a victim of domestic violence, then a single mother, working several jobs and raising three children for many years THIS WOMAN taught me a deep seeded and silent lesson. A lesson which has shaped my life, my subconsciousness and my passions. With everything within my desire for women empowerment and triumph in every area of life is my pinnacle of passion.

Gail Jordan is my success story that I have the blessed opportunity to live out daily. I’m eternally grateful for her life, her empowerment and her victory.


Angela Perry is the founder of United Christian Homeschoolers Unlimited, a STEM Academy and association group for homeschooler’s in South Carolina. She’s also a homeschooling mother of 8.