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How To Set Goals When You are a Mom of Multiple Children

I speak to moms quite ofter who are often torn between living their dreams of pursuing a career vs caring for their children. Admittedly I’ve had (and still have) the same struggle. How do you set goals when you are a mom of multiple children?

Do you have the right to set goals when you are a mom of multiples?
Will you ever reach your goals when you are raising multiple children for YEARS?

Kathy Hawkins is a mother of 4 and living the goals that she set out for herself years ago! In this video she & I share tips on how to set goals and pursue your dreams even when you are a mom of multiple children!

What’s The Difference Between an Accountability Partner and a Coach?

Accountability partners can be absolutely powerful! And coaches can help you shift to a whole new level! But what’s the difference between an accountability partner and a coach? And how do you know when it’s time to use one or the other?

Sara Carter is a certified coach who helps people get out of debt and grow financially. Yet she helped me get down from a size 16 to a size 10 in less then a year’s time. She’s not a weigh loss guru or a personal trainer. Far from it! She needed to lose weight herself!

Here she and I talk about the difference between an accountability partner and a coach and how to choose one at the right time in your life when you need to move forward.

Single Mom, MOM or MOPS-Tips on How to Accomplish Goals

Whether you are a single mom, MOMS or a MOPS it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about your future career when you have multiple children and can’t even get to the shower.
Here are some tips on how to move forward with your dreams even while baby is sitting on your hip!