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Healthy, Mobile Snacks for Sexy Moms

mobile snacksDon’t judge me, but I want to be a sexy mom. Sorry, I have a 7yr old girl and when she hits her teenage years I want her to be comfortable hanging out with me. But I do a lot of traveling and eating in restrauraunts-even healthy restaurants can cause you to pack on the pounds (and cost you a lot of dollars to do so)! So here are a 15 healthy snack that are easy for those moms who are on the go and still want to be sexy!

The children and I will take a quick road trip to Atlanta tomorrow (I will be sitting in someone else’s seminar!) and I’m looking at this list and checking my fridge..looks like I need to go shopping.  We’ve exhausted our supplies when I went to NY last week.

BTW, for video tips on how to travel with children go to my YouTube Channel  > <

Feel free to add your favorite in a comment below!


The Power of Love

As moms we focus on creating the perfect home for our children. We want to have perfect holidays for them to remember. We are afraid of saying or doing the one thing that will send them to therapy for years after they move out. But truly all they need is Love. They will get pass the not-so-new house and the meager Christmas’ and the times when you yelled no to them; if they are truly loved!


power of love