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Weak Wimpy Mommas

OMG, weak wimpy moms are ruining our children, our future and my plane rides home!

This Winter Solstice Season

The Winter season is about withdrawal NOW for new birth LATER. This is a mystery for busy mompreneurs who are running with the bulls every day, all day long. Business tips for mom entrepreneurs to stay balanced.

Caring For Your Soul


I prayed as I walked in nature-uninterrupted.

I just spent 5 days at a Trappist Monastery in prayer, silence and meditation.

Why? Because in 7 weeks I will have a significant birthday. This age is bringing on some changes in my body and health.

Why? Because in 7 years my last child will be leaving home and we will be empty-nesters after 30(!) years as parents with a houseful of children. This will cause a major shift in my marriage and my career!

Why? Because I have a lot going on in my life, in my household and in my HEAD!

So stepping away and moving to the other side of Silence is-was MANDATORY!

I read and journaled and COMPLETED thoughts.

I read and journaled and COMPLETED thoughts.

Caring for your Soul is what I call it. As moms, wives & leaders, we spend a lot of time taking care of everyone else. Making sure they are fed, warm, entertained, healthy, happy, sexually satisfied, learning, engaged, trained, etc., etc. Then we’ll try to pull away to have some ME time; where you take a bubble bath with candles or sleep in a bit later. But what about caring for your Soul?

You care for your family’s soul? You pray for them, get them ready for church, look for teachable moments, have spiritual discussions. How do you care for your Soul? You know, that part of you that is the middle gound between God and your Mind.

Yeah, I know you have prayer time. But that’s more DOING and although that may be satisfying it’s still not enough.

Well, let me speak for myself; after a certain amount of time that’s not enough for ME.

Before marriage and children, I would go to a hotel and lock myself in for 2-3 days at least 4-5 times a year. It was refreshing.

After marriage and children those times became less and less frequent.

The last time I got away for silence and solitude was 10yrs ago. My daughter was 4 months

old and I had just had surgery. My mother was visiting to care for me, so you can imagine the GUILT that I felt when my girlfriend said, “Come stay with me at Beauford Island.” Yet, I couldn’t resist. With my mother’s and husband’s approval for 3 days someone else fed me. I didn’t have to get up to take care of anyone. I didn’t have to wake up at a particular time. I didn’t have to oversee the clean-up. I didn’t have to have a conversation about ANYTHING! I laid around and read and prayed and did nothing. It was so beautiful I still get a feeling of relief just thinking about it. It has sustained me for these 10 yrs.

But now,

Shadows of the Cross danced on the walls in my room.

Shadows of the Cross danced on the walls in my room.

NOW there’s a shift that’s about to take place. It has already happened. I can feel it. My soul knows it and knows how to handle it. But my mind, my schedule, my family, has the current agenda in place and we cannot deviate from it. We have responsibilities and soccer practices and art classes and planes to catch and friends and jobs and groceries that must be purchased and cars that must be tended to and places to be and things to do! We must maintain the status quo. Right?

Well, someone in the family must go out and stand on the rooftop to watch the clouds for the coming rain. I know it’s coming. My Soul says so.

Don’t you think it’s rude when you have something important to say and the person is ignoring you, over-talking you, arguing with you, dismissing you and minimizing your message? So does your Soul.

How can you tell it’s time to care for your soul?

For me it looks and feels like this:

  • My Soul has told me what to do about the upcoming transitions. But I can’t hear. I have responsibilities and soccer practices and art classes and planes to catch…
  • My Soul yells the answer but it resonates in me as a mild uneasiness, an irritation, an unrest. And anyway I have responsibilities and soccer practices and art classes and planes to catch…
  • My Soul is exhausted trying to yell through the noise and get my attention but that resonates in me as a feeling of detachment, a mild melancholy and a impression of being lost.  Probably because I have all of these responsibilities and soccer practices and art classes and planes to catch….

Yeah it’s time to care for my Soul. To tend to it by shutting down EVERYTHING!

EVERYTHING!  Homeschooling, Children, Husband, Church, Business & Me.

To care for your soul means you give it attention by:

  • silencing all voices
  • ceasing all activities
  • curtailing all agendas
  • shutting down all plans and expectations
  • eliminating all stimuli

That means no tv, no cell phone, no radio, no internet, no friends. This is not the time for

I even had time to play with rocks.

I even had time to play with rocks.

business planning or goal setting. It’s not a time to catch up on blogging or writing or dieting or learning something new. You minimize all communication and human contact.

You read books that feed you spiritually.

You take walks in nature.

You sleep as needed.

You meditate when you feel led.

You pray without ceasing.

You listen always.

You allow your beloved Soul to receive the message from God and bring it directly to your conscious mind. You trust your Beloved and wait on it to speak.

Don’t you hate it when you have something important to say and the person is ignoring you, over-talking you, arguing with you, dismissing you and minimizing your message? So does your Soul.

Is it time to care for your Soul?

Should You Get Your 8 Year old Child a Cell Phone?

should an 8yr have a cell phoneI am SHOCKED at parents who don’t think. They follow along with the cultural dictates and create in their children stunted psychological growth, entitlement attitudes, and the perpetuation of childish behaviors. And yes it is difficult to see this because 97% of other parents are creating the same thing in 97% of our children. When the majority of us are doing the SAME thing we are like the Blind leading the Blind.

For example, cell phones; when your 8 year old child is begging for a cell phone because the majority of kids in class have one you don’t have to succumb to that request!

Parents tell me, “Well it’s dangerous out there and they aren’t always with me my 8yr old needs to have a cell phone.” As a mother of 5 children who travels (sometimes with my children, sometimes not) I TOTALLY understand this. But when you hand your 8year old a cell phone its not going to be used JUST to stay connected to you. The cell phone is so much more than a phone.

  • It’s a powerful telecommunication tool- to the WORLD!
  • It’s a hand-held computer.
  • It’s a digital distractor.
  • It’s a camera.
  • It’s a video camera

Here are some things to consider before you fall prey to the cultural norms and give your 8 year old a cell phone.

number1If your child is under 11 your child should ALWAYS BE WITH AN ADULT and most adults have cell phones. If your child needs to get in touch with you tell them to use an adult’s phone. I used this method even with my teenager who told me, “EVERYONE has a cell phone” Cool, if everyone has one then it won’t be difficult for you to make a call when you need to.

number2If you MUST get a cell phone for your child consider getting one with simple talk and text abilities. We got one from Walmart 4 years ago and I put $25 on it every month. I can text them and talk to them whenever I want but they can’t surf the internet. Consequently, it’s one less thing I have to monitor.

number3When you give your teenager a phone let your teenager know that it is YOUR phone (since you pay the bills) and therefore you will check it whenever YOU want to.


number4Make them leave it in a different room at night so they aren’t up texting all night (and only God knows what they are watching). The statistics are showing dire consequences on our children’s attention span, sleep patterns and grades due to late night cell phone usage.  Why does an 8 year old need to sleep with the cell phone in her room? Or a 12 yr old? Or a 17 year old?

number5Put every kind of blocker that you can onto the phone for the sake of their innocence. Mothers say to me, “Well I want my child to know that I trust him/her.” Beautiful!

But you don’t give them instant access to porn & perverts via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc., in the name of “I trust you”. That stuff is designed to hold the eye!!

Even I, a grown woman am taken in by this stuff! For example: I was looking at a person’s professional profile on Instagram the other day;

“People actually DO THAT? WAIT a minute…WHAT? Hang on! I have to see that again! But HOW…? Wait…show that again? OMG! People do THAT? NO WAY! Wait…”

Yes, it is now indelibly etched into my eyeballs!

Don’t expose your child to the twisted, degenerate, perverted actions of sick, warped, deviant people in the name of, “I trust you.” It’s not fair to your child. Think about it, If grown, morally righteous, married men & women fall prey then expect the same for your 8 yr old child if given a cell phone.

#6If your child can’t keep up with house keys or his book bag or her homework, don’t expect them to keep up with a cell phone. And definitely not the $300 one. Again consider the cheap, simple prepay ones from Wal-Mart.


This is getting longer than I had planned so I’ll stop here. Parent’s please THINK before you follow along with society. What you do with your children influences others and has an influence for generations. We truly are all connected.

It’s not necessary to give an 8 yr old child a cell phone or a 9yr or 10 and probably not even a 13yr. IMHO