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All Things Are Possible!

It amazes me that kids think that anything is possible! They all believe that they are special! Every child believes that the moon is following him!

Somewhere along the way they lose that. They look at themselves through other’s eyes and start to lose their power. They start comparing themselves to others and seeing their limitations.

When did you start seeing your limitations? What age were you when you started doubting your abilities?

How can you get back to your 1st mind?

The Bible teaches that you have to think like a little child in order to see God. It also teaches that we are to have the mind of Christ. That means that you have to  believe that all things are possible. You must KNOW that there really are no limitations. And you must live accordingly.

That means daily moving in the direction of your goals and talents, regardless of your circumstances, situations or the negative people around you.

Let me hear from you. How do you stay focused on your grand possibilities?

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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