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All Things Are Possible

To many people have dreams but give up to easily when things get tough. We have to remember that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

You use a cell phone to call someone on the other side of the country and the signal shoots to a satellite out of space and down to their phone in 2 SECONDS! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

You get in a piece of tin foil with 150 other people and mankind defies gravity by flying through the air at 300mph! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

You program in your little gizmo an address in a different city and your gizmo tells you how to get there and the exact  time you will arrive even when you decide to go a different route! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

When you look at man’s inventions who can doubt that we have been created by an AWESOME CREATOR who has given us TREMENDOUS creative abilities! All we have to do is have faith, believe and act on our faith. That means you can’t give up when you’ve think that you’ve “worked sooo hard.”



Here’s a video that reminded me of the GRAND possibilities of mankind…and brought tears to my eyes.

So what are you able to accomplish…if only you believed that all things are possible? Leave your thought.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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