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Advice for Mompreneurs

Recently I was talking to a group of mompreneurs and they was asked me:group of women

What’s your best piece of advice when it comes to our businesses and our attitudes?

Here was my answer.

Be aware of the Mommy-Guilt Monster. It will sabotage all of your hard work.  We’ve all experienced the monster: you quit your job to work at home so that you could be with your children.  But the MG monster will make you feel bad about working. This will cause you to slow down production and some of us will stop working all together. There are 2 ways to overcome the Mommy-Guilt Monster.

#1. Get a clear mental image of what you want your business to do for your children. So it may be a image of your pre-schooler as an young adult loading your equipment into the truck and driving you to your next conference while your (current infant) daughter sits in the back seat as a mature teen-ager phoning in your orders. Whatever works for you, but it must be crystal clear in your mind.

#2. Get an accountability partner. This would be someone who understands the Mommy-Guilt Monster and can gently inform you that it’s there sabotaging your work. If the person is insensitive, you will defend the MG and it will then consume you. I have fallen prey to the MG monster for many years and can spot it immediately in my clients. I gently coax them out of its grips. But it’s only temporarily, because the MG monster always comes back.

What advice would you give to a mom entrepreneur about her business and her attitude? It could be something simple or something big either way it will help others.  Leave it below.

To Our Mutual Success, Lady T

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