About Lady T

Author, Business Coach, International Speaker, and Homeschooling mother of 5, Teisha Shelby-Houston has traveled the United States and Europe helping companies train their employees with essential business skills through her powerful, motivational workshops. Her client list includes: United Way, Bell South, Indianapolis Power and Light, Delta Airlines, Fred Pryor Seminars, CareerTrack, Assembly Of God and Kent State University, just to name a few. Her seminars are described as “life changing” even in corporate settings:

Teisha Shelby-Houston

Teisha Shelby-Houston

Teisha presents in a very enjoyable, engaging manner-not a dull moment.
I walked away feeling strong and more powerful! ”
Amanda Sullivan, Physical Therapist, Bloomington Hospital

“Teisha’s seminar was a wake-up call. I feel reborn in certain areas. I feel good about myself and now know what I need to do.” Francine Miller, Administrative Assistant, Wyndham Miami Beach Resort

“I learned a lot about my self and will be able to take what I’ve learned back to my home and my workplace.” Heather Strarbuck, Director, Shawnee Missions

She has been an invited guest on the Oprah show, is founder of P.M.W. Powerful Married Women and is a contributing writer for Seven Magazine and Type-A Mom.com.

Her Blogtalk show, For Powerful Women Only and her local Women’s Power Networking Group have both  positioned her in the middle of mompreneurs where she  proudly serves them in their endeavors of entrepreneurship and motherhood.

Lady T has a B.S. in Business Administration and her 15 years experience as an entrepreneur coincides with her 15 years of experience as a stay home mom. She humorously jokes, “my husband is a Pastor, so I have always had to find ways to supplement his income.”

But the truth is Lady T’s natural leadership skills and her innate entrepreneurial spirit has always guided her down the path of self-employment.

As a natural motivator, an intuitive listener and a skilled communicator, Lady T has found that mom entrepreneurs always gravitated towards her and she loved helping them build their businesses.

“One day I was helping another mother and she thanked me and called me her ‘business coach’. When I went home and researched what that was I was amazed! “Business coaching”described what I had been happily doing for many moms over the years. When I saw how much was usually charged I was shocked! I resolved then and there that I would develop my talents, and commit my passion to the building of mommy entrepreneurs and make it affordable for all who needed it.”

It’s with great pleasure and the up-most humility that I offer my services as a business coach, enabling  moms to stay home with their children and a motivational speaker offering workshops and spiritual retreats that change lives.